How can you request files from external partners using SharePoint?

This question is popular on the Microsoft Forum, with more than 200 votes and 35 comments.  Currently you’ll need to use some kind of workaround. You can’t just use SharePoint to collect files from people external to your organisation.

Let’s have a look at your options:

  • The situation with SharePoint and file requests
  • Use SharePoint and OneDrive to create a file request
  • Use SharePoint and file upload software
  • Turn to a competitor to collect files

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A Comprehensive Guide on How To Collect Video Submissions

Collect video applications, testimonials,  video messages from family and friends, and presentations for your event or church.

Accepting video submissions is easy—as long as you pick the right way to collect videos and as long as you plan out your process before you begin. Whether you are running an online contest, collecting videos for you an event or summit, or just some family video collecting large video files can be trickier.

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Mortgage Documents and Email – What you Should Know

The mortgage process is sensitive and timely. Without the proper steps, a mortgage closing could be delayed, which could hurt an entire channel of people involved in the process. Today, most loan processes take place over the phone or online. The days of meeting clients in their homes or at the local coffee shop are behind us.

But that leaves mortgage companies with a serious problem – document collection. You need documents fast to get the process rolling.

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Why you need a Client Portal for your Accounting Firm

Transforming the conventional business model into the online model is an advantageous alternative for business organizations to keep pace with the competitive market players. The outbreak of COVID-19 has turned this option into an obligation for ensuring the survival of a business. The same goes for any professionals who deliver expert service to its clients.

Today accounting firms are experiencing the challenge of communicating with their clients. Clients of accountants are diverse. Some of their institutional clients have a great knack for technology while some are averse and conservative in terms of using technology. But accountants used to manage them through using digital information and communication technologies or through reaching them directly before the global pandemic. Now the main challenge is to make all the clients depend on technologies for delivering accounting services.

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Why you Need Mortgage Document Portal for your Mortgage Company

Documentation collection is one of the most tedious parts of mortgage processing. It can hold up the loan process and even cause loan denials if you aren’t careful. If too much time passes or clients just give up, it can leave you with unclosed loans in your pipeline which means a loss of revenue.

Even with a human mortgage processor, there are only so many hours in the day for him/her to get the work done. A processor does more than collect documents too, which means he/she needs to multi-task to get everything done on time, but sometimes it’s too much even for the best processor.

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Building a file upload form that natively connects with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft Forms currently does not support file uploads from anonymous users or users external to your organization. File Request Pro solves this problem for you. You can easily create an upload form that natively connects with OneDrive or SharePoint and provides a seamless experience for you and your customers.

File Request Pro also offers generous file size and bandwidth limits, automated reminders, and the ability to use your own branding and URL. See all product details.

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How to upload files using Google Forms

With Google Forms, you can easily build a form that will store all entries in a Google Sheet. You can even allow other people to upload files to your Google Form, although there are restrictions.

In this article we’ll look at:

  • How to upload files
  • Can people external to your organisation upload files?
  • Can you upload files to a shared or team drive?
  • Can you embed a Google Form into your website?
  • Can people upload a folder?
  • Upload page software as an alternative to Google Forms
  • Google Forms vs upload page software: which is best for you?

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Uploading Files to Google Drive from WordPress

If you frequently need your customers to upload a file on your WordPress site, you’ll likely want to place them on a cloud storage provider like Google Drive.

By sending your file uploads to a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive or OneDrive, you will not only have a backup if a disaster, but you will save a lot of time downloading and organizing files.
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