Allow Anyone to Upload Files Directly to Your Google Drive

You work with others every day. Some of them are in house personnel while others are outside contractors, partner companies or clients. And you need to receive files from them, you already using google drive. Would not be great to allow anyone to upload to your google drive without singing or registering in Gmail?

One option is to use email and ask your clients to email you the files you need. If your job involves receiving big or confidential files, email is not an option. First, you cant receive files bigger than 10 Mb, that’s a problem. Second, if files contain confidential information email is not secure enough.

Another option is to have a shared folder inside Google Drive where others may upload files but this approach does have limitations too. One, only people with a Google account would be able to upload files in a shared folder. Second, all collaborators can view and even remove files that have been uploaded in a shared folder on Google Drive.

The third option is to use a form upload page or file drop widget so your customers can easily drop you the files you need

Receive Files in Google Drive with Forms

By creating a file upload form where your clients can drop the files in. You get the best of both worlds, seamless experience for your customers: No sign in, simple interface. And you, you can still use google drive to manage to your files. Before diving into the implementation, take a look at this sample form.


When you submit the form, it will create a new folder, corresponding to your name, in my Google Drive and upload the file in that folder. This is a public form and you don’t even need to have a Google Account to upload files. The form also works on mobile devices.

Create an upload form with File Request Pro

Creating a new upload form with File Request Pro is a 5 min process, you do it once and receive files as long as you need to To get started users need to register and authorize File Request Pro to connect to your their existing Google Drive account. Afterward, you can access a File Request Pro admin area and configure your page.

Once your create your page, you can invite someone to upload to your google drive by sharing your page URL. If you wish so, you can also embed your google drive upload form directly in your website by copying and pasting 3 lines of code

Upload form google drive embed website

Anytime someone drops a file in your Google Drive account, an email is sent to you as notification of the delivery.

If you’re still wondering why anyone needs this app, then think of this. You are already using google drive internally, but in order for others to share files directly with you, they need a different method.

By using File Request Pro, you can keep all files in one place, Google Drive, by allowing others to upload the files to you without actually having access to your account.

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