Allow Others to Upload Files to Your OneDrive with File Request Pro

In house personnel, outside contractors, partner companies or clients. You work with others every day. This makes receiving information or files in a simple way a key aspect of your workflow. 

OneDrive is a pretty great service. For some things, it’s even better than Dropbox. But one lacking feature if the possibility to receive files from anyone in OneDrive.

File Request Pro allows anyone to add files to your OneDrive storage. You can receive files from anyone, regardless of whether they have a OneDrive account themselves. All your colleague needs to do is drop the files in your page or form. No invites to send, no authorization, no mess, no fuss. 

Once it’s set up, you can create an upload page or form to embed on your website. All files are automatically uploaded into your OneDrive account. 

Use File Request Pro to collect and receive files from anyone, right in your OneDrive account. With file requests: 

    • Anyone can send you a file, whether they have a OneDrive account or not. 
    • All the files you collect are automatically organized into a single OneDrive folder. 
    • People who upload files to your file request cannot access your Drive. Only you can view files uploaded by others, unless you decide to share them. 
    • You can custom theme your file request page with your own logo, text and colors. Showing a professional image to your customers

Receive files in OneDrive with File Request Pro

One option to allow others to upload files to OneDrive is to create a file upload form in which your clients can drop the files.  You get the best of both worlds and a seamless experience for your customers: no sign in and a simple interface. And you can still use OneDrive to manage  your files. 

Before diving into the implementation, take a look at this sample form. 



When you submit the form, its create a new folder in OneDrive and upload the file in that folder. This is a public form and you don’t even need to have a Microsoft account to upload files. The form also works on mobile devices. 

How to create an upload widget for OneDrive

Creating a new upload form with File Request Pro is a five-minute process; you do it once and receive files as long as you need to. 

    1. Create new account at
    2. Once registered, connect your OneDrive account to File Request Pro
    3. Create a new page by filling some basic information
    4. Done! Share your new page with Customers and Partners. All uploaded files will automatically show up on your chosen folder.
 Allow Others to Upload Files to Your OneDrive

You can also chose to embed the form directly in your website, change the page branding and much more. Easily allow others to upload files to your OneDrive with File Request Pro. 

By using File Request Pro, you can keep all your files in one place: OneDrive. All you need to do is to create the Drive upload form widget and share it with your customers, partners and colleagues..

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