Why you need a Client Portal for your Accounting Firm

Transforming the conventional business model into the online model is an advantageous alternative for business organizations to keep pace with the competitive market players. The outbreak of COVID-19 has turned this option into an obligation for ensuring the survival of a business. The same goes for any professionals who deliver expert service to its clients.

Today accounting firms are experiencing the challenge of communicating with their clients. Clients of accountants are diverse. Some of their institutional clients have a great knack for technology while some are averse and conservative in terms of using technology. But accountants used to manage them through using digital information and communication technologies or through reaching them directly before the global pandemic. Now the main challenge is to make all the clients depend on technologies for delivering accounting services.

One of the main obstacles that accountants are facing is to collect data of their clients now and then. It is the financial information and source documents of client’s transactions that are the basic requirements for accountants. An accountant-client portal is a digital platform to upload and exchange files specially designed for clients who are seeking accounting consultancy. Client portal software is structured in a way for the accountants so that both the accountants and their clients do not require additional literacy on dealing with updated technology to take the service of an online business transaction. Making an accountant-client portal as simple as possible is the essence of success in this case.

Why do accountants require a client portal to receive files?

Enormous benefits offered by accountant client portal makes it articulate why accountants should prefer a secure portal over collecting paper documents or getting the clients’ documents through E-mail. Followings are some reasons that contribute to making up the minds of accountants in settling with client portal as their media of communication with their customers.

  • As an accountant, you may require copies of a single document for various purposes that will incur additional costs. Also, for future use purpose, you have to pile up all the previous documents of your clients that will create hassle as office space is limited. Following accountant client portal will help you to reduce document collection and storage-related costs.
  • It is also associated with the “going green” movement of today’s businesses by eliminating the use of paper from the system and thus discouraging deforestation.
  • Information of clients that accountants use is very much sensitive and personal. So, the path through which clients will pass their private information to the accountants must be secured. Client portal offers security and privacy of their information.
  • Your clients may require sending files of a large size at a time. Client portal software for accountants offers the service of sending or receiving large files.
  • You may want a platform through which you can provide customized and more secured services. The accountant client portal will allow you to customize your brand and redesign the platform at the ease for your clients.
  • Neither you nor your clients are supposed to have expertise on the use of superior technologies. Client portal software will solve your knowledge gap by making the entire file transferring process understandable and easier for you and facilitate you in driving more value for your digital business model.

How can an accountant collect files from their clientele?

Providing accounting services has been a significant source of outsourcing and added values for both the accountants and business enterprises. For outsourcing accounting services, online communication technologies are a must. While the question of exchanging information and receiving files from the clientele comes, accountants are observed to use some common platforms frequently.

Most of the clients prefer sending e-mails to their accountants as it seems to be the easiest alternative from their part. Dropbox is another option for them. Clients can upload their files in their Dropbox or Google Drive and share the particular link with their accountants.

None of these platforms is free from constraints that make accounting firms unstable in using an online portal for communicating their customers. For instance, you can look at the loopholes of e-mail that is considered to be one of the most professional forms of communication media.

Research on 700,000 mail servers discovered cyber-attack for 20% messages and e-mails of accounting firms lie on the top priority list of cyber hackers as clients financial, banking and tax-related information can be gained from here.

Besides, you will receive hundreds of emails from your hundreds of clients. It will consume your valuable time to arrange files of a particular client in an appropriate order. That’s why it is highly recommended that accountants should not use e-mail for collecting files from their clients.

What risks might accountants experience for not using a secured client portal?

Accountants’ decisions regarding how clients’ information will be shared and how they will impart in online communication are responsible for the consequences and security related issues they face later. If an accountant client portal is not used, the following risks might generate for them.

  • Security of the information provided by clients is the first thing that accountants should ensure.  The common practices of businesses prevailing today contain many loopholes that are addressed carefully in a secure client portal for accountant. Avoiding such a portal will make the accountants vulnerable in terms of protecting clients’ private information.
  • Accountants may end up in following websites or platforms that are too complex for their clients to operate.
  • In terms of cost and easy accessibility, the client portal serves the best. But other sites may create hassle in terms of collaboration of files from different clients.

Why is File Request Pro the best option as accountant client portal?

File Request Pro is a secure client portal for accountant using which they can collect documents from their clients irrespective of time differences and location differences among themselves. Yet accountants deserve more specific reasons that make the File Request Pro better than other available alternatives.

Customization at its best

File Request Pro will offer you a more customized service. You can design your portal with your company logo, colours, visions, structure and whatnot. It will make the file-sharing platform more professional, engaging and reliable to the clientele.

An easier and simpler platform for your clients

Your clients need not create any user ID or worry about registration. They can simply enter your portal and upload their files irrespective of the file’s versatile types. Whenever required, you can send customer requests to your clients for uploading particular files. Clients can send multiple files at a time without any complexity.

Automatic synchronization

When any clients upload files in the portal of an accountant in File Request Pro, the files will automatically be transferred into the desired location of the accountant. Accountants may create different folders for different customers. They do not need to arrange their clients’ files manually. This automatic synchronization service of File Request Pro will save times accountants spend on their client portal software.

Files uploaded by clients in an accountant client portal can be in different forms. filerequestpro.com can transform these files into Microsoft excel, google doc sheets or any of accountants’ desired format.

Integration with your organization’s internal control system

Undoubtedly as an accountant, you may have your customized accounting and other software. File Request Pro will provide you with the opportunities of transferring clients’ documents in your organizational software and integrate them with the current workflow through web hook by Zapier.

Removing clients’ sensitive information from e-mail

File Request Pro will not require your company’s e-mail or the e-mail of your clients. You can keep your customers’ information save and secure from being hacked. Instead of e-mail, for data storing purpose, you can use Google Drive, One Drive, SharePoint or Dropbox where the uploaded files will be stored automatically.


File Request Pro does not access accountants’ accounts without their permission. As a result, unlike other client portals, accountants have valid grounds to feel more secured regarding their privacy. As files uploaded by clients are automatically saved in accountants’ desired location, File Request Pro deletes these files from the portal within 1 month. Accountants often send download links of these files to other parties for business purpose. File Request Pro here contributes to ensuring accountants’ security by making the link invalid after 1 week. Besides at the request of the accounts, this client portal software will delete any files immediately.

Value-based pricing

File Request Pro has developed its pricing model based on the value its offering is going to add in the business of accountants. It has determined different pricing for different sets of services. Pricing mainly differs in the number of transfers an accountant will face for their clients in a month and the data storage limit. It makes their pricing mechanism fair for the accountants. Also compared to other accountant client portal, File Request Pro intends to offer services at a more reasonable value.