Google Drive Uploader Form & Website Widgets

If you need customer information or files, receiving them in a secure and simple way is a key piece of you service. There is no simpler way to receive files form customer than creating a drive uploader widget or page.  Your customer drop the files and they go straight to your Google Drive folder of your choice.

No logins, lost emails, funky links or suspicious free services. Just an upload form with your logo. A form upload widget embedded in your website so your customers can upload files from your website to Google Drive.

Creating a Drive Uploader From for Google Drive

One option is to create a file upload form where your clients can drop the files in, and those files go straight to your google drive folder. You get the best of both worlds, seamless experience for your customers: No sign in, simple interface. And you, you can still use google drive to manage to your files.

Before diving into the implementation, take a look at this sample form.

When you submit the form, it will create a new folder, corresponding to your name, in my Google Drive and upload the file in that folder. This is a public form and you don’t even need to have a Google Account to upload files. The form also works on mobile devices.

Create a Drive upload from with File Request Pro

Creating a new upload form with File Request Pro is a 5 min process, you do it once and receive files as long as you need to

To get started users need to register and authorize File Request Pro to connect to your their existing Google Drive account. Afterward, you can access a File Request Pro admin area and configure your page.

After creating your page,  you can invite someone to use your own google drive uploader by sharing your page URL – Check out this example.

You can also embed your google drive upload form directly in your website by copying and pasting 3 lines of code

Upload form google drive embed website

Anytime someone drops a file in your upload form widget, an email is sent to you as notification of the delivery.

You are already using google drive internally, but in order for others to share files directly with you they need a different method. By using File Request Pro, you can keep all files in one place, Google Drive. All you need is to create Drive upload form widget and share it with your customers.

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