How to create a file upload form for Microsoft One Drive or Share Point

Microsoft Forms is a simple, lightweight app that lets you easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls. Microsoft forms are great for educational institutions and business organizations

With Microsoft Forms you can easily build a form that will store the entries in an excel sheet, but when it came to upload attachments to your form,  it’s has some limitations.

If you need to receive or collect file from people,  one alternative, is using a solution like File Request Pro to create a file upload form connected to One Drive or SharePoint folder.

Let dive into some differences between Microsoft Forms and File Request Pro.

Can you create a Microsoft form that allows to collect files?

Microsoft Forms do allow file uploads, it’s not without its share of limitations. For one, you can’t upload a folder. You’d have to upload the files one-by-one using a file field, forms do not offer a convenient drag and drop functionality.

Can you create a Microsoft form that allows visitors and external users to upload files?

The greatest caveat of Microsoft Forms upload field is that it does not allow anonymous or people external to your organization. All uploaders need to be within your organization, meaning that you can’t use the this feature to receive attachments from clients, students, etc.

File Request Pro impose no such limitations – anyone can upload files to your One Drive/Sharepoint Drive. They may not have a Microsoft account and they’ll still be able to use your Drive uploader form.

Can you receive any type of files with your Microsoft forms?

Currently forms only support the following file types: Office, Images and Video files. You can’t receive common files like zip, txt, etc.

File Request Pro do not include this limitation, you can receive almost any file type, need to receive a full folder? No problem, your user can easily drop the entire folder in your form dropzone.

Can you choose the folder where the files are save?

When someone uploads a file to your microsoft forms. The form automatically creates a new folder name “Question” in the form creator OneDrive.

Micrsoft Forms file upload - Naming issues

This make files almost impossible to be found later on. If happens to me that I receive two files with the same name, you cant tell which one was uploaded by whom

Microsoft forms naming convention

Unfortunately, this is an intended behavior and cannot be change.

When creating your upload page with File Request pro, you will be prompted to choose your destination folder, you can select either your own OneDrive or a Sharepoint drive.

Finally, you can use a form build to automatically organize files for you. For example, you could use the external user name to create a folder and place all the files in it.

Building a file upload form for Microsoft One Drive that allow external users

Microsoft forms currently does not support collecting files from anonymous users or users external to your own organization. This probably makes sense for huge organizations but for small business looking to collect files from customers makes the forms almost useless.

Microsoft forms external users

By creating a file upload form with File Request Pro you get the best of both worlds, seamless experience for your customers: No sign in required, simple drag and drop interface, your brand and color theme. And you can still use One Drive or SharePoint to manage your files.

Before diving into the implementation, take a look at this sample form.

As you can see this form can be embedded on any webpage. Regardless of being available to external users.

Create an upload form with File Request Pro

Creating a new upload form with File Request Pro is a 5 min process, you do it once and receive files as long as you need to.

After registering and connecting to your existing Microsoft account you will gain access to the File Request Pro admin area to build your microsoft form with file upload.

Microsoft Forms with attachments for external users - File request pro

Add as many form fields as your like with a simple to use form builder

Form builder that connects to one drive

Customize your page and form to match your brand and website colors

Brandable, upload forms for microsoft users

Once you create a page, you can invite people to upload files by sharing your page URL or embed your form directly in your website. This is done by copying and pasting 3 lines of code

Microsoft forms with upload file that allow external users

By using File Request Pro, you can easily create a file upload form for Microsoft One Drive, use it with any filetype you want and share it with external users. Get the best of both worlds, a simple form builder that is connected to your One Drive and SharePoint Account.

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