Receive Large Files from Customers with File Request Pro

When you need to receive large files from customers, we’re talking hundreds of megabytes using email is no longer an option.

In this scenario, you could use File Request Pro to build an upload page or form and let your customer drop your big files on it. All your customers’ needs is a modern browser and good network connectivity

Why is there a maximum email size limit

All email service providers limit the maximum email size that an email account can receive. Usually for security reasons among others.

Obviously, if you send an email that exceeds the maximum email size limit of the recipient’s email provider, your email will bounce off and you will receive an email error back in your mailbox

Usually, the limit depends on your email hosting provider but keeping your attachments under 10MB is a safe rule for most emails.

How to receive large files from customers

While requesting a file from customers, is always good to keep the following tips in mind.
    • Describe your file requirements. If you need a black and white PDF with the information displayed, you will need to say so to your client. Avoid unnecessary back and forward and save everyone time.
    • Use a reliable internet connection. Ask your client to use a stable connection to avoid any interruption that results in data loss. This is important if the file is bigger than a few hundred megabytes.


How to receive large files in your Google Drive or OneDrive Folder

So, if you cannot use email to receive files, one option would be to use your already paid cloud storage. But neither Google Drive or OneDrive offers the feature to receive big files.
Although Google Drive offers a few options.  But your customer still needs to create an account and share a file with you. In our previous post, we explained all options to receive files in your Google Drive account.
OneDrive is a great service. For some things, it’s even better than Dropbox. But one lacking feature, if the possibility to receive files from anyone in OneDrive. We already write before all your options if you wish to use OneDrive

About File Request Pro

File Request Pro was built out of our needs to receive files from customers and not having them floating around everyone’s inboxes. Create file request links or embeddable forms that go straight to your Google Drive or OneDrive account. receive large files clients

By using File Request Pro, you can keep all files in one place, Google Drive. All you need is to create an upload form widget and share it with your customers.

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