Setting up a custom domain name

By default, your upload page is available at but you can change this url to a domain name that you own, such as

You might want to use your own domain name because:

  • Using your own domain makes your customers feel more secure
  • Using your own domain means your customers have a more coherent and branded user experience
  • Using your own domain name gives you the flexibility to change your approach later on.

Table of Contents

How to set up your custom domain

Once you choose the new domain you will use for your upload page, please take the following steps.

1. Add a CNAME Record

This will need to be done by a sys admin or whoever manages your domain name.

In your domain name server (DNS) settings, add a CNAME record for (or whatever domain name you chose that points to

{warning} Make sure you don't point your custom domain name directly to your upload page URL. Your CNAME record must point to This allows us to serve your traffic using HTTPS.

2. Configure your page to work with your custom domain

Select “Page settings“ from your dashboard.

File Request Pro - Your page settings

Under the tab “Page Branding & Color Theme“ you will find

File Request Pro - Upload file checklist

You need to enter your domain formatted as

3. Contact us

We need to make the necessary settings at our end. Please email us at: [email protected] using this subject line: “custom domain name”.

In the email, tell us the URL of your upload page, and your custom domain name.

We’ll let you know when your custom domain name is ready to go.

Why we turn on SSL

SSL will be turned on by default. This is simply because it is more secure. Any attempt to use your custom domain name using “http” will be redirected to “https”.