Generate upload pages' embed code.

With File Request Pro, you can easily embed a file upload form into your website to allow customers to upload files, CVs or job applications, or any other file you may need.

Adding your upload form to website it's a simple process. All uploaded files will go straight into your OneDrive or Google Drive folder. And, if you choose, a new folder for each customer is created on the fly.

How to generate upload pages' embed code

Select “Page settings” from your dashboard.

File Request Pro - Dropbox Integration 3

On the right side menu click on Copy Embed Code.

File Request Pro - Choose Google Folder - Step 1

Click the link and you will see a modal popup with your page embed code.
File Request Pro - Choose Google Folder - Step 1

Just copy this code and paste it your website.

Formatting your embedded form

The upload form is too tall

Every time I embed the script for upload it leaves a huge gap under the “Send Files” button. Is there any way to correct this?

Yes! You can wrap your embed code into a div to limit its height.

    <div id="frp-embed" style="height: 500px">

        <div id="filerequestpro" data-url-slug="demo3" style="margin:auto; min-width: 100px; height:100%;min-height: 450px;"></div> <script src=""></script> 


I've to reload the page to work

When you try to use it on a website that uses Ajax to loads the widget, it's probably that your upload form does not appear unless the user manually refresh/reload the page.

To use the upload form with Ajax loaded widget please get in touch with us, and we will provide the instructions to add the code to your page header or the code to directly include the upload iframe.