How to use File Request & Reminders

One key feature offered by File Request Pro is the availability of sending File Request emails and reminders to your users which helps you to get the right files faster.

This feature is easy for your clients to use, and doesn’t require them to have a File Request Pro account to submit files.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use File Request Pro automatic emails reminders and follow up to automate your document collection.

How File Request & Reminders Work?

1) Detail the files you need to collect.
The first step to use file request is setting up your page, specifying the documents you need to get from your recipients. For each documents you have the ability to set up contraints (file type, size,...)

2) Define the due date and schedule of follow ups

In your page settings screen you can build a reminder sequence to invite and follow up with the users that havent responde.

3) Send a request to a contact

When you create a new request, each recipients is receiving a personnal email. With a link to their own upload page. At any time you know exactly who is on time and who is not.

Your contact will get a beautiful branded client portal where they will be able to upload their documents. You will be notified when it's completed to review, accept or reject the uploaded files.

How to detail the files you need to collect

In your page settings screen you will find a section call “Form Fields”. In it, you can add one or more File Upload Fields to your page.

File Request Pro - File Upload Fields

For each Upload File, you can set the following options:

  • Description A show description of what you expect from your user. This value will be displayed below the field label.

  • Rename File As Use this to rename the files. For example, if you request a proof of address. You can set this to proof_of_address. The file uploaded by your contact will be renamed before uploading to your Cloud storage.

  • File Types Accepted file types as describe in here.

  • Max File Size (MB) Maximum megabytes for this file.

You can add one or more fields. Moreover, you can mix File Upload fields with regular fields like Text, Phone, Etc.

For more information about adding fields to your page, please this tutorial page.

Define the due date and schedule of follow ups

To configure the email reminders your contact will get as part of the email sequence, please go to tab “File Requests & Reminders” on your page settings.

Request Due Dates Settings

The first thing to configure is the default due date for your page, where you can choose one of the following options:

Please note that you can specify the due date for each request individually

File Request Pro - File Request Due Dates

  • Days after sending the request In here you can enter the number of days after sending the request. For each request we will this number of days to the current date.

  • Fixed due date In this case all request sent will have the same due date regardless when you send them. This is useful when you need all files by a given date like a Contest, Application, etc.

  • No due date In this case your request will not expire.

E-mail Reminder Settings

After setting up the due date, you can move on the email sequence we will send to your contacts.

When you create a new page we automatically create a new sequence for you. Please use it as a starting point. 

Just click the Add Email to add a new one. You will need to enter.

File Request Pro - File Request Reminders

  • Subject your email subject line.
  • Content Your email contents. In here you can use multiple variables likes: Contact Name, Your Name, List of request docs, etc.

{warning} Important: We suggest you always include a link to your upload page using {link_to_page} variable. Otherwise, your contact won't be able to reach their unique upload page.

How to send a File Request

Once you log in to your File Request Pro account, on the top menu click the button “Send File Request”

A “create new request” window will pop up asking you to fill in some fields.

File Request Pro - File Request Create Page

  • Please choose a page If you created multiple pages, you can choose which one to use for this request. Each page can have their set of fields, files, branding, and emails.

  • First Name This is the uploader First Name

  • Last Name This is the uploader Last Name

  • E-mail This is the uploader E-mail

  • Due Date The request due date. This is an optional field. When specified, the email reminders sequence will use this value to schedule the emails.

    Finally, click “Send” to send the initial email and start the reminder sequence.

How to view a File Request Response

Once your client uploads their files to your file request, you’ll get an email from File Request Pro letting you know. Once in File Request Pro dashboard your can access the request response

In here you can access the following tabs:

  • Form Response In here you will see what information the contact entered in the request form.

    File Request Pro - File Request Detail View

  • Documents Here you will find the uploaded files. You can accept, reject and download files.

    File Request Pro - File Request Detail View

  • Messages This is the list of emails the contact receive or will receive according to your reminder sequence.

    File Request Pro - File Request Detail View

Accept and Reject uploaded files

When you send a File Request and your contact response to it, you can Accept or Reject the uploaded file. To do so, from your request page, in the “Documents” tab you will two buttons:

File Request Pro - File Request Detail View

  • Accept When clicked, the file will be marked as accepted and the user will not be able to modified that file.

  • Reject When clicked, the file will be rejected. You can enter a rejection message we will email to your contact.

    File Request Pro - File Request Detail View