Receive files in OneDrive & SharePoint

One key feature of File Request Pro it is the native OneDrive/SharePoint integration that let you use file requests links and upload pages to collect and receive files from anyone, right in your OneDrive/SharePoint account.

Some important features of the OneDrive/SharePoint Integration are:

  • Receive your files both in OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Share your uploads folders
  • Automatically organize new uploads by creating a subfolder within the folder you choose.
  • Collect more information with custom form fields

How to connect your Microsoft Account

To allow File Request Pro to connect to your Microsoft account, you need to grant the required permission. To do so, from the Cloud Drive menu click on the “Connect Microsoft“ button.

File Request Pro - Microsoft Integration 1

You will be redirected Microsoft login screen where you can choose which account to use if you are already logged in, or enter your username and password if you are not.

File Request Pro - Microsoft Integration 2

After login in, you will be asked to allow File Request Pro to access your folder of choice.

Once accepted the terms, you will be redirected to your File Request Pro dashboard.

A note about permissions

We required only the minimum permissions that allows File Request Pro to work.

  • Permission to view your name and email address. We need it to identify the user.
  • View and Manage all files. As the time of this writing, Microsoft API does not offer a more restrictive way to use their API.

{warning} We will never access, list, delete, or download files from your Microsoft account. We limit to create folders and files in your chosen folder.
You can also check Privacy Policy and Security pages for more information.

How to choose your upload folder

After connecting your OneDrive/SharePoint account, you can choose in which folder receive your files.

Select “Page settings“ from your dashboard.

File Request Pro - Microsoft Integration 3

Under the tab “Uploading & File Destination“ you will find

File Request Pro - Choose Google Folder - Step 1

When you click “Choose Folder“, a new window will open with your OneDrive/SharePoint folders.

File Request Pro - Choose Google Folder - Step 2

Choose the folder and click the select button to confirm your selection. You will be back to your page edit screen.

File Request Pro - Microsoft Integration 4