Pre-Fill your form values

A simple way to integrate your site with File Request Pro is by using HTML GET requests with query string parameters. You can prefill forms values, add a hidden field to later track your files uploads and many more things.

{info} This process required having basic knowledge of HTML. If you are not familiar with HTML, please contact us and we will send a pre-fill URL tailor to your page


Both Name and E-mail fields are auto-filled with the information pass through the URL
File Request Pro - Your page settings

What is Query String

Query String is a group of keywords that send request to the web server. These requests are used to pass information (parameters) from one page to another and you can access this information in receiving page. It's containing in the HTTP requests for a specific URL. These requests specified by the values following the ? (question mark). The ? (question mark)is used as a separator and it is not part of the query string.


How to prefill form values via query string

To prefill your form with information you can use query string to pass these values to your upload page form. Valid query string parameters depend on your page fields. You can pass value to all fields in your page and your user will see a URL like,

https://[email protected]

All fields are optional. All leading and trailing whitespace is trimmed. If necessary, the text will be truncated to fit the form’s maximum field lengths.

Standard URL parameter encoding must be used.

How to find field names

To find out the field name of one of your forms fields follow these steps

1- Go to your page 2- Right-clicks on the field you would like to auto-fill 3- Click inspect menu File Request Pro - Your page settings

4- The field name will be displayed in the inspector window File Request Pro - Your page settings

5- Once you have all your fields name all you need to do is build your URL as described.

How to use hidden fields

Hidden fields can be autofill by using the field id you set when you create the field

File Request Pro - Your page settings

Following the example, this field can be filled by building a URL like


Please get in touch with us if you need support to build your prefill URL