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Easily collect files, videos & content for virtual events and summits

Make extremely easy for your vendors to send you files, presentations and videos. Save hours explaining how to send you content and trying to keep it all organized

Keep all organized and gathering their contact information. Fully sync with Google Drive, SharePoint and Dropbox.

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These companies have already simplified the way they collect documents from their customers

File Request Pro - Customer Logos

Save hours collecting Videos, Presentations and Files for your next event.

Create an upload portal to gather content for your events. Forget about explaining your collaborators how to send large files.

Keep files out of your inbox and automatically organized

Keep all organized and gather your vendors and collaborators contact information.

All the uploaded files go straight to your Google Drive, SharePoint Or Dropbox. Save hours organizing and searching for files.

File request software for schools
Branded upload page student enrollment

White-Label Solution

Presents a professional image. You can personalize the look and feel of your upload page and the communications sent to your clients.

Customize your upload page with your logo and brand colors to keep all your online tools consistent. You can also customize email notifications and use your domain too.

secure client portal for enrollment

Integrate the systems you already use.

Send your data directly to Google Sheets, CRM tool or project management system with our simple web hook API.

Integrating your forms with your other tools streamlines your workflows and get information where it needs to be quicker.

Collecting files for your event doesn't have to be a nightmare

Collecting videos, presentations and files doesn't have to be a bottleneck in your project.

  • ✅  Receive all files and documents on the same folder. All client information directly sync and share with your team.
  • ✅  Use Zapier to update Trello, Asana, or your project management of choice.
  • ✅  100% White-label. When you share your file request page, your customers see your logo and branding.

Simplify the way to gather files for your event project with a simple-to-use upload page. Create your upload page now.

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