About Us

We're a remote team with a unifying mission

Our Mission

We want to build easy-to-use products that make your life easier by supporting and streamlining your existing workflow.

The beginning

File Request Pro was created in 2019 by the VGS Global team. We were faced with a major and common problem: how to receive and collect files from all our customers. Large files and folders were a particular problem, as was how to organise these files when we finally got them. We were also concerned about how insecure it was to collect files through email, and how much time we were wasting trying to get our customers to send content.

After realising there was no product on the market that met our requirements, we decided to build one. Give us a tech challenge and we'll try and find an answer.

Once we got the product to beta, it swiftly became apparent that File Request Pro was useful for lots of people, not just us. It was a tool that anyone who was looking to collect confidential or large files could use.

So what was previously built as an internal tool, became our main focus. After reaching out for user feedback, we refined File Request Pro to make it as useful and easy to use as possible. Today, it is a mature product used by companies around the world

Who we are

The VGS global team is a tight-knit, remote team, based in Spain. We're used to working electronically, which is partly why we were so keen to create a file upload product. There's no passing paper documents to team members at the water cooler for us. We use modern technology to help us communicate and collaborate.

We're a relaxed team with a strong technical background. Our core focus is on building a great product rather than on marketing and sales. Thankfully, our product is our greatest marketing tool: it's so easy to use.

We work hard to understand your needs and build the tools and added features that will speed up projects, so you can focus on your core business.

When you provide feedback or have questions, you’re reaching decision-makers.

Join a growing number of companies using File Request Pro

We work with accounting firms, mortgage brokers, marketing agencies, HR companies and departments, educational institutions, and many more businesses and non-profits to simplify the process of collecting large files and confidential documents.

Contact Us

File Request Pro is developed and owned by:

File Request Pro SL
Ctra Nacional 340, Km 189,6
Marbella, 29604 — Málaga — Spain

Email us at to get in touch.

Our company registration number: ES B02894467