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File Request Pro connects seamlessly with your favourite apps

Streamline your workflow with cloud drive integrations like Google Drive and SharePoint, website and CMS integrations like Squarespace and Wix, and custom integrations using Zapier and our API.

Connect your upload pages to virtually any third-party platform

Cloud drive integrations

Receive your files directly in your Google Drive, SharePoint and OneDrive or Dropbox account. When registering for a free trial account simply select one button ('Connect Google Drive'), choose which account to link to, allow, and your accounts are connected. It really is that easy.

brandable client upload portal
brandable client upload portal

Zapier & Power Automate integrations

Connect your file upload page to virtually any third-party software. With the Zapier integration you can automate your document collection, and streamline your workflow.

Read more about using Zapier with File Request Pro. or find out more about using File Request Pro with Power Automate

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a powerful tool, but manually entering important customer data into Salesforce is a less than ideal process.

With its easy-to-use form builder that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, users in all industries and departments can easily collect important data through sophisticated custom online forms and automatically send it to Salesforce without limitations.

Read more about integrating File Request Pro with Salesforce.

API access for custom integrations

Connect File Request Pro with your favourite business tools and customise your document collection process using our fully-featured API.

Check out our API docs for more information about using File Request Pro's API.

brandable client upload portal
brandable client upload portal

Website & CMS integrations

Embed an upload page on your website to allow your clients to send you any type of file plus additional information using custom forms. Simply copy and paste two lines of code to embed your upload page on your website.

File Request Pro works with popular platforms like: Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, and many more.

The easiest way to offer a secure upload service that your clients will love.

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