Receive large video files from your clients

Easily receive large files from your customers

Use File Request Pro to receive big files from customers in a quick, simple and secure way. Clients can upload files from any device. No login or account needed.

Create customisable file upload pages that link directly to Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox or email. Files are automatically sent to the correct folders, so you don't need to manually organise them.

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Receiving large files has never been more reliable

Receive large video files, digital documents or graphics from customers without them needing to log in to yet another software product. Customers simply drag and drop their files, which are then sent through a reliable and encrypted connection to your inbox or cloud storage software.

Receive large files in Google Drive & OneDrive

Receive your files directly in your Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint or Dropbox account. Use dynamic file organisation to order them by a value that you choose, such as name, email, company type or even a hidden value like a customer number. Save hours of your time on manual file organisation.

Use cloud storage software for what it's good at – storing files – and File Request Pro for professionally collecting and organising content and large files.

receive large files - auto organize
easily collect large files from customers

Simple and intuitive for your clients and your team

Save hours explaining to your customers how to send you large files. All they need to do is drop a file on a professionally branded upload page. The file or folder can be huge and it doesn't matter. You can even ask for extra information from clients by adding form fields with conditional logic. These gently nudge customers to give you the correct information.

Everyone likes upload pages and understands them. They are as simple for your clients to use as email, without the big size limitations and organisational headaches. Streamline your workflow and reduce your stress levels with File Request Pro.

Embed upload widget on website

Embed your upload page in your website.

You can embed an upload page in your website to ask for specific information from site visitors. Or leave it as a standalone form and send clients the link. Use a sub-domain or custom URL to reassure customers that the page is from you. You can even use your custom SMTP server for outgoing communications like reminder emails.

To embed an upload page simply copy two lines of codes to your site. Get set up with a branded upload page on your website in only a few minutes.

How does File Request Pro work?

Send a secure link to your clients. They upload large video and graphics files with a simple drag and drop. The files appear in the cloud storage folder you choose.

Create your upload page or form. No coding required.

Super simple 5 minute set up. Fill in some basic information, upload your logo, add some copy and your brand colours.

Your customers drop huge files on your page or form

Share your page with customers, colleagues or partners. They don't need to sign up for an account. They just drop the files in your page.

Files show up in your cloud storage software

Files transfers to your cloud storage, organised by whatever value you choose. You also receive an email about the new files.


Create an upload page or embeddable form for your website and receive big files and documents from your customers today (without any hassle).

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