A secure and efficient way to collect electronic files from all your clients

From creating custom upload forms to sending files to your favourite apps, File Request Pro is all you need to speed up and organise file collection.

Customise file upload forms

Create a consistent client experience that reassures clients and accelerates file collection

White-label and brandable file upload forms
Add your own branding

Add your own logo and company colours to the upload page. Choose your language. Make more detailed UI changes using CSS.

Embed on your website

Provide a seamless experience for clients. Send them to your own website to upload files and sensitive information. Cut and paste two lines of code to embed your upload page (or upload pages).

Use your own url

Use a sub-domain or custom URL for your upload page. You can even use your custom SMTP server for outgoing communications.

Read more about branding your document collection process.

Add extra form fields

Request all the information you need and avoid lengthy back-and-forth email exchanges.

File upload forms for Google Drive, Dropbox and Sharepoint
Add form fields

You can collect almost any type of information from your clients using these fields: text, phone, email, URL, checkbox, dropdown, date, and more. Export data to excel, your inbox or to a text file.

Request multiple files

You can easily collect mutiple files from clients by using multiple file drop zones. Each zone has its own name and description to guide your clients. You can also set up constraints, such as file type and size. If your customer wants to upload a folder, that's fine too.

Use conditional logic

Hide and show form fields depending on user input. Only show your clients relevant questions and improve their user experience. Read more about conditional logic.

Enable automated file requests and reminders

Automate document collection by creating template file request and reminder emails.

Personalise your file request email

Use variables like {contact_firstname}, so you don't have to manually create a new email for every client. Customise the email with your branding using HTML or our tools.

Automate reminders

Save yourself time chasing clients for files by creating a reminder sequence of emails. We automatically stop reminder emails when clients respond.

Approve or reject

As part of your quality assurance process, approve, download or reject uploaded files. If you reject content, include a message specifying why. Please note, this feature does not work if you connect your account to your cloud drive.

Read more about automating file requests and reminders.

File upload forms for Google Drive, Dropbox and Sharepoint

Organise files and connect apps

Automatically send uploaded content to your favourite storage apps and streamline your document collection process.

File Request Pro - Reminders Feature
Native integration with cloud storage apps

File Request Pro natively connects with Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint and OneDrive. Set up takes 2 minutes. Files are automatically sent to a folder or subfolder of your choice.

Zapier integration and Webhooks API

Use our Zapier integration to send data to thousands of different apps. Use a webhook to add a new row in an Excel or Google Sheet, send your data to your CRM, create a notification in Slack, SMS, and Microsoft Teams, and many more actions.

Dynamic file organisation in your cloud drive

Files and content from your clients go direct to the correct root folder on your cloud drive, organised into subfolders by whatever form field you choose. Save hours of your time manually organising files. Read more about dynamic file organisation.

Create flexible layouts

Create upload page layouts that work for your clients.

Classic one-page layout

Keep all questions and file requests on one page. Clients can see everything at a glance or by scrolling. Ideal for mobile file requests or shorter forms.

Group by subheadings

Make your file request more approachable by grouping similar questions together using subheadings. Keep the simplicity of the one-page form while making it easier to understand.

Multi-page forms

Use multiple pages for longer or complex forms. Clients click through using clear call to action buttons, so they see only a few questions at once. Conditional logic can be applied to pages as well as individual questions.

Read more about the flexible upload-page layouts.

File upload forms for Google Drive, Dropbox and Sharepoint
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