Easily collect files from people

Use File Request Pro to collect and receive file from anyone in a quick, simple and secure way

Create file request links or upload form pages that go straight to Google Drive, OneDrive or Email.

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Save hours collecting the files you need to get the job done

Receive digital documents, photos, and videos from clients without requiring to download a program or register at yet another service.

Keep files out of your inbox and automatically organized

All the uploaded files go straight to your clients' folder in your cloud storage. Save hours organizing and searching for files.

Stop tracking down email attachments and keep your email inboxes clean. Personal documents in your inbox are a huge liability too.


Simple and intuitive to your clients, and your team

Easily invite your customers and prospects to upload documents without requiring them to download a program or register at yet another service.

Everyone like it and understand it. As simple as sending an email, without the security headaches.


A secure & professional experience for your customers

Personal documents, tax, bank statements, etc. are a huge liability to having them floating around in an email. Collect files with bank-level encryption.

Presents a professional image to your clients and prospects, when you share your file request page, the other person sees your logo and branding.

Much more than a form upload page

File Request Pro makes it easy to build file request links so you can receive files and documents from your clients. Directly in OneDrive, Google Drive or your email.

Works with Google Drive & OneDrive

Supports Office 365 & G Suite. Both private and shared folders.

Use it on your website

Super easy to seamlessly embed in any site without knowing how to code or complicated stuff. Just copy and paste and you are done.

Recieve Large Files

With a 1GB limit, you can receive brutally large files. In case your customer need to share some really, really big files.

Keep everyone updated

Get an email each time you receive a new file. You can also copy your entire team for easy collaboration.

Bank-Level Encryption

More secure than sending an email. Files are transferred from your page to your cloud storage using a secure connection.

Add a password, if need it

Do you need your file request page to be protected by a password? No problem, just add an access code and share with you page address.

How does it work?

Setup your page, send a secure link to your clients, and they’ll upload files over with a simple drag and drop. Boom! Your files show up in the cloud storage folder you choose. (Google Drive™ & OneDrive™)

Easily create your File Request. No coding required

Super simple, 5 min set up, fill in some information, upload your logo and connect your cloud storage account.

Your customer drops the files in the web browser

Share it with customers and colleges. No need for a new account, they just drop the files in your page.

Files show up in your Google Drive™ or OneDrive™

Files transfer to your cloud storage, labelled with your customer name. Also get an email about the new files.


One Pricing, no surprises

No credit card required. Free 15-day free trial. Receive up to 25 files for free

$19.00 / Month

Get Started

15 day free trial, and a money-back guarantee if you're not totally happy.

  • File Limit 1GB/file
  • Total transfer 300 GB/Month
  • Add to your website
  • Protect Pages with code
  • Your own logo
  • Bank Level SSL Security
  • Hide FileRequestPro Brand
  • Email Notifications

Two month FREE when paying annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it works with Office 365?

Yes. You can connect your Office 365 account.

Does it works with G Suite?

Yes! Works with both all versions of Google Drive. FRP Can be used with paid, free and G Suites plans of google drive

Can I used a share folder?

Yes! You can connect a folder and then share it with others.

Is my information secure?

Yes, it's. We take your security very seriously. You can check all the measures we take on the security page.

Can my upload page be embed into my website?

Yes! You can embed your upload page into your website or share your page URL with your customers.

Do people sending me files need an account?

No! All people need to work with you is a web browser and an Internet connection - and that's it!

Are you GDPR Complaint?

Yes. Upon request we can provide all your information and delete any related records.

Are you HIPAA Complaint?

No. We use encrypted disk but we are not HIPAA Complaint