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Document collection software that is as easy to use as email

Streamlining your electronic file collection process shouldn't be complicated. Use branded upload pages with drag and drop functionality to gather and organise content from all your clients. Quick set up. Easy to use for everyone on any device.

Automate low-value tasks like file organisation and reminder emails, while retaining granular control over how the document collection process looks and feels. Get the flexibility you need with none of the hard-to-learn complexity of expensive software.

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These companies have already simplified the way they collect documents from their clients:

File Request Pro - Customer Logos

Transform the way you collect documents from clients (in 10 minutes)

Collecting documents, website content and other critical information from customers can be time-consuming and stressful. There's constant back-and-forth about how to transfer files. Once you get files, you need to spend hours organising them so they are findable and secure.

With File Request Pro, you can quickly set up a repeatable process for document collection that automates low-value tasks without compromising oversight or security. There's no steep learning curve. Sign up for a free trial and create your first branded upload page in only a few minutes.

A document collection software that your clients will love

Your clients simply drag and drop large or multiple files onto a branded upload page. These are sent to a folder of your choice using a secure and encrypted connection. The entire process is simple, clean and efficient.

Keep documents and files out of your inbox and automatically organised

All uploaded files go straight to folders in your cloud storage, organised using whatever value you choose (customer name, number, email, and so on). File Request Pro natively connects with Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint and Dropbox. You can use Zapier to connect with thousands of other apps.

Save hours of your time manually organising files, and reduce the risk of human error. Keep files secure throughout the file collection process.

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branded upload page to collect documents from clients

Speed up document collection and get to high-value work quicker

You often need to request files from new clients. Make the process quick and easy, and you'll impress clients and get to valuable tasks quicker.

Add your company branding to upload pages so clients feel confident uploading files. Spread questions over one page or multiple pages to ensure forms remain approachable for your clients, increasing your response rate.

document collection software - Integrations

Mistake-proof your document collection process

The less consistent your document collection process, the higher the chance of mistakes. Clients send you the wrong documents by the wrong channel. They get the deadline wrong. They forget.

Guide clients so they give you the correct files and content, on time. Use automated reminders to hold clients accountable for deadlines. Use conditional logic, flexible form fields and customisable text to ask clients for exactly what you need.

Scale up electronic document collection quickly and painlessly

Scaling up shouldn't be complicated. File Request Pro is easy to use with a flexible feature set that makes it suitable for start ups through to enterprise-level companies. Whether you have a few clients or thousands, our software offers a secure and simple way to request and organise files.

  • ✅  Protect your brand by customising upload pages with your own logo, colours and domain
  • ✅  Collect additional information with a choice of form fields and conditional logic
  • ✅  Automate file organisation and reminders so you can get more done in less time
  • ✅  Bank-level encryption to reassure clients and stay compliant with regulations like the GDPR


Manage multiple file requests and reduce inbox clutter with secure document collection software.

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