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The Document Collection Software That Your Clients Will Actually Use

Collect documents and files in a simple and secure way that your customer will actually understand without being tech experts.

Stop dealing with large attachments and endless email trails. Get all the files and documents you need without risking sensitive documents ending up in the wrong hands.

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These companies have already simplified the way they collect documents from their customers

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Collecting documents doesn't have to be a nightmare

Collecting documents, website content and other critical information from customers is typically a nightmare. Using a complicated document collection tool or the constant back-and-forth of following up via email is about as tedious as it gets.

Then, of course, files will be lost in the never-ending email trail and some will never even arrive because of attachment size restrictions.

File Request Pro is a document collection tool that lets your customers upload files in a simple, secure and organised way.

Simplify the process of requesting, collecting and securing documents. No more wasting time searching for the file you need in a clutter inbox.

A document collection software that your client will love

Create your client portal in less than five minutes and share it. Your customers upload their documents in your secure file drop page.

Keep documents and files out of your inbox and automatically organised

All the uploaded files go straight to your client’s folder in your cloud storage. Improve your process and save hours organising and searching for files.

You're buried in email attachments. It's not just time consuming, it can also be a security risk. Just send a file request and get back what you need without any attachments or messy email trails.

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branded portal to collect documents from clients

White-label document portal software

Presents a professional image to your clients and prospects. You can personalise the look and feel of your client portal and the communications sent to your clients. Add your logo, customise colour themes and choose your preferred language.

Easily invite your customers and prospects to upload documents without requiring them to download a software or register for yet another service.

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Works seamlessly with your process and tools you already use

File Request Pro is the perfect companion to the software and tools you use daily, and it helps you streamline your processes. You can connect File Request Pro to Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive or Dropbox.

With our webhook API update third-party tools or use Zapier to trigger multiple actions each time you collect a file.

A Document collection software to improve your business process

Simplify the process gathering files, documents and information from your customers, vendors, and partners. A simple to use and secure document collection system

  • ✅  100% White-label. Use your logo, colors and even domain to present professional image to your customers.
  • ✅  Collect additional information while requesting files. With unlimited form fields you can build: client intake forms, contract review processes, and anything involving collecting documents and information.
  • ✅  Embed your document upload page into your website or use File Request Pro’s built-in upload pages.


A document collection software that your customers will actually like to use. File Request Pro has been created for the sole purpose of helping professional businesses collect documents from their customers.

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