Your questions about File Request Pro, answered.


Do people sending me files need an account?
No! All your contacts or customers need to work with you is a web browser and an Internet connection — and that's it!
Can I set up more than one upload page?  Do we only get one upload page? How many pages can be created per account?
You can create as many pages as you need. The limitation is your bandwidth and file size.
Can I request a list of files?
Yes. You can add one or more file drop fields to your page. For more info.
Is it possible to rename or organize files automatically?
Yes! You can use one of your page form fields to create a subfolder in your cloud drive. You can also automatically prepend one of your form values to all uploaded files. For example: FIRSTNAME_uplodaded_files.png
Can I route each upload to a subfolder?
Yes! You can use one of your page form fields to create a subfolder in your cloud drive.
How does it work on mobile devices? How can they drop files on a phone?
The page will prompt the customer or contact to choose an existing file or make a new picture.
Can the file uploader be embedded in HTML on a webpage or just it solely works as a separate page?
Yes! You can embed your upload page into your website. We have published tutorials for the most common content managements systems. Please our docs for more information and examples.
Can I customize/brand the upload page? 
Yes! You can change all colors and text on the page. Please go to our help center to find out more.
Can I customize the page texts?
Yes! You can change every text on the page. Please go to our help center to find out more.
Can I translate the page to my language?
Yes! You can change every text on the page. Please go to our help center to find out more.
Can I make the logo bigger?
We only support this option using custom CSS. Please go to our help center to find out more.
Could you customize a page as per my request?
Yes. We do offer done-for-you setup. Please get in touch with us for more information.
Can I have notification emails sent to another email address?
Yes! You can carbon copy as many e-mails as you need on your notification emails.
Is it possible to send a thank-you email to people that upload a file? Can I use my brand or HTML on those emails?
Yes! You can send a thank-you or confirmation email to your users or customers after they upload a file. This e-mail support both HTML and text base emails. You can include images, your logo, etc. Please check this help article to find out how to set up your confirmation email.
Can I add fields to my page to collect additional information like name or phone?
Yes! You can add multiple fields to your page. The response will be available in your notification emails, your dashboard, or you can also export the responses to a CSV file. Please refer to this article to learn more.
Is it possible to pre-fill fields using the URL, for embedded forms?
Yes! If you wish so, you can pre-fill your page form. Please refer to this link to learn more.
Does File Request Pro also allow me to securely send documents to clients and others?
No. Currently, we focus only on collecting files.
Can I limit the file size for uploading?
Yes! When you add one or more file upload fields to your page you can set up the maximum upload file for each of them.
Can I connect multiple google Drive accounts?
If you are on our team or business plan each File request Pro user can connect their Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft account
Can I create several forms that end up on the same folder?
Yes. You can have multiple pages sync back to one folder.

Account Management

Where can I find downloadable invoices from you?
From your settings screens you will see a link to view all invoices and download a PDF of each.
Can I change my account email address?
Yes. Be aware that you may need to reconnect your cloud account afterwards.
Can I give someone else in my team access to the account?
We offer the team plan exactly for this. You can create more than one user.
Can I have invoices and billing related emails go to a different email address?
Yes. You can have one billing email address if you wish so.
Can I set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for my account?
We recommend you use one of our Single Sign On integrations.


What is the data retention policy?
We keep your uploaded files for 15 days. After another 15 days they are automatically deleted.
Where are the File Request Pro servers?
Currently, our server are in Europe. We are working hard to allow you to choose your server location.
Can I use a custom domain for my page?
Yes. Our business plan allows you map a custom domain.
Does it work with SharePoint?
How do you protect the upload page from bots and automatic submissions?
We already have an anti-spam solution implement in our forms, there is no need to use re-captcha. So far, has been effective and none of our customers have reported any issues.
Can you set up a dedicated server for my business?
Yes, Please contact us for more information.
How can I export my data?
You can export your form submissions to a CSV file. Please refer to this tutorial.
Can I connect Zapier or third-party system?
Yes. Using our webhook API you can connect to Zapier or others third-party systems.