Document upload portal

A document upload portal that is as simple as filling in a form for your users

Get all the security and core features of a document upload portal without the complicated user experience. Quickly collect documents from clients, team members and partners. Provide a fluent document collection experience on mobile and web.

Guide your users through questions and upload requests one page at a time. Increase your response rate by making uploading documents approachable and intuitive.

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What’s a lightweight document upload portal?

File Request Pro lets your clients upload files and content quickly and securely. You can get started in 10 minutes. There is no learning curve for you or your clients.

Document upload client portals are often complex to understand and offer many add-on features like project milestones, virtual data and video meetings. We concentrate on the essentials: streamlining the document collection process.

A flexible document upload portal that fits in with your existing tools

File Request Pro natively integrates with popular cloud drives, and can be linked to thousands of other apps using Zapier. It aims to streamline your existing business processes rather than replace them.

Create a customised client experience

Use different form fields, dropzones and conditional logic to guide your clients to submit the correct information. Split your requests over multiple pages or use a one-page form. Keep the document collection process approachable and understandable for your clients.

Style and white-label the portal using your brand colours, logo and copy. You have granular control over many aspects of the experience, including automated email messages. Customise your domain as well.

  • Accept large files or folders up to 10GB
  • Unlimited file requests
  • 100GB of extra storage
Branded document upload portal
Upload portal for google drive

Automate low-value document collection tasks

Automatically send documents and content to your cloud drives, correctly organised and saved to your chosen file location. Save hours of your time on manual file organisation. Avoid lost and mislabelled files. File Request Pro natively integrates with Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint and Dropbox. Use Zapier to connect to thousands of other apps.

Set up an automated email sequence to send customer file requests, remind them of approaching deadlines, or thank them for submitting documents. Cut out all the back-and-forth that document collection usually requires.

  • Dynamic file organisation in your cloud drive
  • Send messages from your own server
  • Up to 6 admin users to collaborate across your company
Secure upload portal

Bank-level encryption

Portals are secured using an encrypted connection (SSL) and all user data is encrypted from the portal to your cloud drive. Avoid email phishing scams by keeping confidential data out of your inbox and reassure clients.

Keep client data secure without compromising the user experience with frustrating log-in requirements.

  • Audit history and logs
  • Share portals publicly, with a link or using a password
  • Pipeline mode so user data can be immediately deleted

A document upload portal that doesn't overwhelm users

Many document collection portals are extensive 'hubs' where users are faced with multiple actions and requests. Keep it simple for your clients and partners by showing them a few requests at a time.

Integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and SharePoint

Send documents automatically to your cloud drive (including shared drives). Dynamically organise them by any value you choose.

No user log in required

Choose to make client portals immediately accessible, so users can get started straight away, without having to create an account. Password protection is available if you want though.

Customisable and white-labelled

Use custom branding to create your own branded upload portal. Reassure clients and partners they are in the right place.

Email message sequence for users

Automate file requests, reminders and thank you emails. Message sequences are 'smart' and respond to the actions of your clients. Use your own server for a personalised experience.

Modern form builder

Ask users for extra data and information using form fields, as well as file upload fields. Use conditional logic to streamline forms and make them relevant.

API & Zapier Integration

Use our webhooks API to integrate File Request Pro with the tools you use on daily basis. Or use Zapier to send your data to 1000s of other apps.

Questions and answers

  • Is File Request Pro secure? Yes. User data is securely encrypted when it is sent to your cloud account or dashboard. We don't require users to log in because we think the trade off in terms of user experience isn't usually justified. You can only allow users with a link to upload documents. You can even set a password, although we don't make this the default option.
  • Can external users upload files? Yes. File Request Pro has been specifically created to make it as easy as possible for anyone to send you files – team members, partners or external clients.
  • Do I have to send files to a cloud drive? No. You can download files from your dashboard, send them to your inbox, or send them to thousands of other apps using Zapier.
  • Can we share files with clients? Not at the moment. This is something we're considering, but our core focus is document collection.


Your users are busy enough. They don't have time to learn how to use more software. Increase response rates and user satisfaction by using a streamlined document upload portal.

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