A file upload widget for your website without coding

Easily allow your visitor to upload files to your website.

Embed a file upload widget in your website, and receive your files in Google Drive, OneDrive or your Email.

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Embedding an upload widget in your website has never been easier

Build your upload widget, include a full form is you need and add it your website by copy and pasting two lines.

A widget for Google Drive & OneDrive

Receive your files directly in your Google Drive™ or OneDrive™ account. No need for another software.

Your customer does not need to own an account, download a software, send you a link. Just drop the large file in your upload widget.


Simple and intuitive to your website visitors and clients

Super simple drag and drop widget. All your customers' need to do, is dropping the files in a dropzone. No matter how large the file is or how many files they drop.

Everyone like it and understand it. As simple as it gets and fully integrated into your website.

Embed your widget in your website with 2 lines

Create an upload form on your website. You can use as many fields as you need with a simple form builder.

Customize the color and widget theme to match your website.

Embedded File Upload Widget Demo

Easily embed it with just two lines of code. Save the need to develop in-house interactive upload capabilities.

As simple as Dropping a file into your website

Your website visitors can upload any type of file directly from their PC or mobile phone.

No user account, login, or password are required for your users. Add as many form fields as you wish to build your own intake form.

Once uploaded, all files will be automatically synched to Google Drive, One Drive or download directly from your File Request Pro Dashboard.


Easily create file upload widget for your website. Embed your upload form or link directly to your upload page and start receiving files.

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