Secure File Drop - Example

A Secure File Drop to Receive Files from any User on any Platform

Stop being buried in email attachments. It's not just time consuming, it can also be a security risk. Use a secure file drop widget to easily and securely collect files and documents.

A secure file drop to let you integrate inbound end-to-end encrypted file transfer with the applications you already use and love.

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These companies have already simplified the way they receive documents and files

File Request Pro - Customer Logos

The Way to Securely Receive Files and Data from Clients

Gathering content like documents and other critical information is typically a nightmare. The constant back-and-forth of following up via email is about as tedious as it gets.

Wasting time trying to find, share and secure important documents as they fly around between you, your staff and clients is the last thing you need.

Secure File Drop Offs provide far more protection than email or FTP when you need to securely receive sensitive data from someone. They are perfect for loan officers, CPAs, lawyers, and other professionals who need to request sensitive data from customers or business partners.

Secure and encrypted file dropzone, as simple as it gets.

Create your file dropzone in less than five minutes and share it with your customers and colleagues. They don't need any credentials or special software

Keep files out of your inbox and automatically organised

All the uploaded files go straight to your client’s folder in your cloud storage. Save hours organising and searching for files.

Avoid endless emails, large attachments and more. File Request Pro removes these distractions from your inbox so you can focus on what matters most.

Secure File Dropzone - organize files
Branded file drop

Custom Branded File Drop

White labelled with your business logo and custom colour scheme, providing a consistent look and feel for customers and business partners. Furthermore, mobile ready, so users can conveniently snap an image using their smartphone camera and then immediately upload the file.

Easily invite your customers and prospects to upload documents without requiring them to download a program or register for yet another service.

Integrate file drop with Google Drive

Works seamlessly with the tools you already use

Connect your secure file drop to virtually any third-party platform. The webhook API lets you connect to Zapier and trigger multiple actions each time you collect a file.

You can connect File Request Pro to Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive or Dropbox.

A professional way to collect files and data from your customers, vendors, and partners with security in mind

A file drop to collect any files from any user regardless their technical knowledge or downloading any software.

  • ✅  Your file drop is secure using an encrypted connection (SSL) and all your data is encrypted from your page to your cloud drive.
  • ✅  Collect additional data and information while securely receiveing your files. With unlimited form fields you can build: client intake forms, contract review processes, and anything involving information and document collection.
  • ✅  Embeddable File Drop Widget. Integrated directly into your website, providing a completely customized experience for your users.


The secure way to collect any file from any user on any platform. Spend less time printing, faxing, emailing and mailing returns and other documents. Let your clients upload them at their convenience.

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