Tools To Learn Key Details About Your Clients’ Home (Seller Questionnaire).

The job of a real estate agent is quite an endeavor. You have all kinds of clients, people with different interests but common desires; some of them want to sell a property, others want to find their first flat and others want to buy a home.

Potential home buyers are often curious about the history of a home and the people who have lived there. By conducting a seller questionnaire, you can learn key details about your clients’ homes that they may not be aware of.

Some questions you may want to ask include when the home was built, what renovations have been done over the years, and even who has previously lived in the house. The answers to these questions can help you create a story around the property that will resonate with potential buyers.

This information can then be used to market the property in a more effective way.

Open Communication with The Client.

Whatever the desire of the selling client is, it’s a part of their story and you must listen to it to help them find someone who is interested in their property.

So, the best policy is to have open communication with your client and look for tools that help you get those details about your client’s property to precisely offer that estate to the right person.

Here is a list of three of the most important customer interaction tools so you can always be one step ahead of the competition in the real state world:

  • Social Media (any social network that is within your demographic of potential customers such as Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest).
  • Survey Platform to make your seller’s questionnaire.

Of these three we want to place special emphasis on the Seller’s Questionnaire also known as the listing questionnaire, if you take the time to craft insightful questions, they may provide information about the seller’s key priorities. Before the listing appointment, each listing agent should send a questionnaire to prospective clients.

Seller’s Questionnaire.

A form with a few questions about the seller and their property is called a real estate listing questionnaire and is often accessible online.

Before the scheduled listing session, real estate brokers send prospective clients a listing questionnaire to better understand the seller and their needs.

A real estate agent can get ready for a listing appointment with questionnaires. When entering a listing meeting without a pre-appointment questionnaire, a real estate agent knows very little about the seller.

The best approach to impress new clients is through preparation. The key to landing a listing is to thoroughly research the seller and address their most pressing demands.

You can design your listing pitch and fully impress the sellers with the aid of a listing questionnaire.

Seller’s Questionnaires are often divided into two phases:

Home seller Questionnaire Phase One

Data on home ownership and financial matters are gathered in the home selling questionnaire’s phase one. This list will not be made available to potential buyers because it consists of private information (for instance, mortgage information). Only the real estate agent can see the responses.

Understanding whether and how to sell the property is crucial for real estate brokers. For instance, if there is a personal bankruptcy or receivership, the sale must be planned in conjunction with the receiver, and suddenly, other rules are in effect.

Home seller Questionnaire Phase 2.

The condition of the house, property, and any outbuildings are all covered in phase two of the home sale questionnaire. Phase two of the questionnaire is frequently lengthy and challenging for sellers, but it’s crucial for potential purchasers to complete it to make an informed choice.

The questionnaire asks about a range of technical and legal issues, including the state of the foundation, floors, roofs, and facades. Additionally, topics like cadastral property lines, easements, and permits are covered.

Due to the house’s age, for instance, the current owner might not be able to adequately respond to some questions. Therefore, it is understandable if the seller is unable to address all inquiries, and for this, the assistance of the selling broker is important. It is crucial to complete this form accurately and completely, nevertheless.

What is The Best Way to Collect Information About a Home From a Potential Seller?

Data collection is crucial to the success of a business since it allows you to make sure the information is accurate, comprehensive, and pertinent to your operation and the problem at hand. There is a duty of transparency and information when selling a home, which requires the seller to disclose any known flaws or trouble spots in the home, regardless of how detrimental they may be.

Here we share a free seller questionnaire template as a base for your real estate forms so you can start creating your questionnaire today!

Real Estate Free Forms Templates (Free Seller Questionnaire Template).

-Full Name: 

-Email address:

-Cell phone:

-Mobile phone: 

-About Your Property

-Property address:

Street Address

Address Line 2




-Who presently resides on the property?

-Home design:

-Your home's approximate square footage is:

-The size of your yard?

-The number of floors?

-The number of bedrooms?

-What number of restrooms?

-How many garages: (___)

-What aspects of this house do you like best? Neighborhood? Community?

-When did you buy your residence?

-What primary reason(s) did you have for buying this house?

-Since you bought the house, have you renovated or updated it?

-What state is your house in right now?

-Do you know of any structural material flaws in the house?

-What repairs are required for the house?

-What do you estimate the value of your house to be?

-What do you anticipate the sale price of your home to be?

-How did you determine that cost?

-Would you prefer a speedier sale or top dollar?

-What worries you the most about selling your house?

-Has your house been listed on the market recently? If so, has your house recently been taken off the market? Why do you believe it previously failed to sell?

-What is the current mortgage balance on your house, if any?

-What is the primary cause of your home sale?

-When do you want to put your house up for sale?


-Are you leaving the neighborhood?

-To where are you relocating?

-Are you planning to purchase a new house? Yes/No

-Do you intend to work with a different real estate agent to find a home? Yes/No

-Do you intend to sell any further properties? Yes/No

-When did you most recently sell a house?

-What standards have you established for choosing a realtor?

-Are there any services your agent should provide?

-What do you anticipate from the realtor you choose?

-How will you assess our relationship's success?

-Have you got any additional inquiries?

If you use an online form or survey, you can reach a more significant number of potential sellers in less time.

Online Form or Survey.

Nowadays there are many great options for creating online forms. However, if you’re looking for a featured-packed solution, that can be integrated with your CRM, is user-friendly, displays questions specific to each client’s circumstance, and appears professional, you should look no further than File Request Pro.

File Request Pro

File Request Pro functions as a file upload program, an automation tool, and a form builder. It is a very user-friendly and easy file storage option. It only takes a few minutes to set up, maybe even less.

After the initial setup is complete, you are free to personalize your online form with your information, connect it to your preferred file sharing and management solution, and begin requesting information or files from your home buyers and home sellers.

One of the biggest perks of File Request Pro is that through a single form, you can ask everything, no matter what type of client they are (Homebuyer or home seller) because it will only show them the questions that are relevant to their case since it has conditional logic.

You can learn how to utilize conditional logic in the following video to ensure that the appropriate form fields are displayed depending on the type of client completing the form on your upload page.

To start and run File Request Pro, you don’t need to be an expert. Even inexperienced users may quickly navigate the platform and understand how it operates.


There are many ways to collect information from potential home sellers to provide the best possible service. Most real estate agents use a seller questionnaire as one of their first steps in working with new clients. By having potential sellers fill out a detailed questionnaire, agents can get key information about the home upfront and avoid any miscommunication later.

There are many ways to collect this information, but most agents either use an online form tool such as File Request Pro. No matter which method you choose, be sure to keep the lines of communication open with your client so that they feel comfortable sharing all the necessary details about their home.