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Easily receive all your student enrollment forms, application videos and more.

Create a simple, straightforward online registration system for your families and students.

Receive videos, documents and application forms from a simple-to-use, branded upload page. Fully sync with Google Drive, SharePoint and Dropbox.

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These companies have already simplified the way they collect documents from their customers

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Managing a student intake doesn't have to be a nightmare

Create an upload portal to securely collect sensitive personal information and videos from your students and families.

Go Digital to Simplify Student Registration

Move your annual student registration online. Eliminate in-person family enrollment appointments, improve data security, and reduce the difficulty and cost of paper-based registration processes.

All the uploaded files go straight to your student name folder in Google Drive, SharePoint Or Dropbox. Save hours organizing and searching for files.

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White-Label Solution

White labelled with your logo and custom color scheme, providing a consistent look and feel. Furthermore, mobile ready, so users can conveniently snap an image using their smartphone camera and then immediately upload the file.

Customize your upload portal with your logo and brand colors to keep all your online tools consistent. You can also customize email notifications and use your domain too.

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Integrate the systems you already use.

Send your data directly to Google Sheets, CRM tool or a school-wide email system with our simple web hook API.

Integrating your forms with your other tools streamlines department workflows and gets information where it needs to be quicker.

Ensure you get the right student documents and records every time.

Paperless student registration is the way to go if you want to give parents and staff a delightful experience

  • ✅  Keep sensitive documents out of your inbox, ensuring your students' personal information is stored in a safe, secure place.
  • ✅  Ensure the correct documents are requested. Collect documents such as proof of address, proof of identify, or similar required items directly in Google Drive, SharePoint or Dropbox.
  • ✅  Avoid the cost of collecting paper forms and scheduling in-person enrollment fairs. This also creates issues with student data quality and security.

Paperless student registration is the way to go if you want to give parents and staff a delightful experience. File Request Pro has been created for the sole purpose of helping professional businesses collect documents from their customers. Create your upload page now.

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