Dropbox Forms (How to build a form that syncs back to Dropbox)

Dropbox is primarily a cloud storage service that lets you save files online and sync them to your devices. You can create various documents inside Dropbox, including documents and spreadsheets, but you can’t create a form.

To create a form that synchs with Dropbox you’ll need to use a form builder or branded upload page software with Dropbox integration, or use an automation tool like Zapier.

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Receive uploaded files in your GoDaddy site

GoDaddy doesn’t have a file upload field that you can add to forms. It mainly supports email marketing collection forms, so for any other type of form you’ll need to use a plugin or software that integrates with GoDaddy websites.

File Request Pro is a file upload tool that integrates with GoDaddy and provides secure and customisable forms with upload functionality.
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Client intake form checklist (for B2B companies)

A digital client intake form is a simple way for you to gather useful information about clients, to ensure you have a practical overview of what your clients need, what their pain points are, and whether your service is suitable for them. Done well, they should streamline your workflow and reduce the amount of non-billable hours you spend onboarding your clients.

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How to create a client intake form (with a high response rate)

Client intake forms can be used to collect data and files as part of the onboarding process. They are a simple way to save you time going back and forth with clients to gather key information. They also offer clients a good customer experience at the start of your relationship.

Client intake forms are easy to create using free software. However, form creation is usually the easy bit. What is more difficult is persuading clients to complete and send the forms back to you without time-consuming reminders, reassurance about security, and requests for more information.

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What is the best software to request files from clients and partner companies?

Requesting, collecting and organising electronic files from clients is an increasingly important aspect of running your business. However, it can be hard work. Clients don’t have the same software or cloud storage provider. Email is messy and insecure.

So what is the best software to make the file request process as simple and streamlined as possible? So you can concentrate on your core competencies, and provide a good customer experience? We’ll help you find out.

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Simplified client onboarding for financial service companies

Client onboarding should be a repeatable and streamlined process that extracts all the information you need from clients as easily as possible.

That way you don’t get distracted from your core competencies by sending reminder emails, sorting through emails and searching for attachments.  Clients will also have a positive initial experience with your company, and get value from the relationship quicker.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can quickly simplify your client onboarding experience, specifically the document collection process. If you are frustrated with your onboarding process, then now is the time to start improving it.
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