Alternatives to File Request Pro

File Request Pro is part form builder, part automation tool and part file upload software. Although it has plenty of granular functionality, it is quick to set up and use. As such, it can be categorised as ‘lightweight’ software. It seeks to work with your existing tools rather than to replace them.

Here are the best alternatives to File Request Pro for the following use cases.

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Simple and flexible data collection software (for electronic files)

File Request Pro is lightweight data collection software that you can use to collect videos, images, GPS co-ordinates and spreadsheets. It is particularly useful for securely collecting and organising client data, without them needing to log in or use a specific device.

File Request Pro natively integrates with popular cloud drive platforms, so you can automate file collection and reduce errors caused by manual file wrangling.

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Upload files to OneDrive/SharePoint (Microsoft Forms alternatives)

You can’t upload files to Microsoft Forms from people outside the organisation. There’s no sign at the moment of this feature being added to the development pipeline. Microsoft Forms also offers quite a basic form building experience.

So what are your alternatives to using Microsoft Forms? Preferably options that send files and content direct to OneDrive or SharePoint?

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How to receive large files

If you regularly receive large files from clients then you’ll need a way to collect and organise them that is both professional and easy to use. File transfer programmes are quick but leave you with hours of work downloading and organising files. Cloud storage software is strong on organisation, but clients often have to have accounts and you can’t white label the client experience. File Request Pro does it all.

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Dropbox Forms (How to build a form that syncs back to Dropbox)

Dropbox is primarily a cloud storage service that lets you save files online and sync them to your devices. You can create various documents inside Dropbox, including documents and spreadsheets, but you can’t create a form.

To create a form that synchs with Dropbox you’ll need to use a form builder,  upload page software with Dropbox integration, or use an automation tool like Zapier.

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Receive uploaded files in your GoDaddy site

GoDaddy doesn’t have a file upload field that you can add to forms. It mainly supports email marketing collection forms, so for any other type of form you’ll need to use a plugin or software that integrates with GoDaddy websites.

File Request Pro is a file upload tool that integrates with GoDaddy and provides secure and customisable forms with upload functionality.
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