How to create an Intake Form with Google Forms

Google forms allow you to easily create and share your forms with others and make it easy for them to provide their responses. Responses to Google Forms are stored in a spreadsheet on the Google Sheets app.

Google Forms is a great product. It’s free, easy to use, and popular which makes it a good alternatively to create a simple or quick intake form but, if you need to accept attachments or file uploads and if you wish to present a more professional image to your future customers then it may not be the best option for your business.

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Accountants and Bookkeepers: Your Tax Return Checklist for Clients

Tax season is always a busy and stressful time around the office. Navigating clients can be tough as well when they don’t want to cooperate, slow down, or don’t respond sincerely.

One thing that’s important for running things smoothly: is a checklist of tax preparation documents. That way, your clients know what they need to send or bring in. 

That’s why we’ve put together a tax return checklist for clients. Share this list for a quick way to remind your clients how to prepare for tax season.

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How to Create the Perfect Project Intake Process

This article will guide you on how to create a project intake form for your company. It will also provide best practices for the project intake process.

If you are looking to create a new project intake form or improve the current one, this article is perfect for you. It will provide step-by-step instructions and tips on how to create an efficient and effective project intake form that will help your company grow.

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OneDrive File Requests (Your questions answered)

Microsoft OneDrive file requests are a popular feature that provides you with a simple way to collect audio, video, presentations, and documents from anyone within your organization or external to it. It is an ideal way to securely collect large files without having to use file-sharing software.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the OneDrive file request feature, with answers.

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Best Form Builders And Alternatives To File Request Pro

First of all, what is a form builder and why do I need to use one? Users can construct unique forms for their websites using a top forms builder. Online form builder software is becoming easier, quicker, and more accessible on web development platforms.

File Request Pro is part form builder, part automation tool, and part file upload software. Although it has plenty of granular functionality, it is quick to set up and use. As such, it can be categorized as ‘lightweight’ software. It seeks to work with your existing tools rather than replace them.

Why is It Important to Use an Online Form?

It is very important to gather first-hand data from your customers to ensure the status of your business and create forms in which your customers can easily give their customer feedback in an honest and easy way.

This is a great strategy to direct your business on the right path with the form entries, according to the information that your users leave, the form data will reflect what steps you can do so that your client continues to come or segment the form data in a way that can give lead generation.

Another way you can use online forms is to collaborate with workers outside the company or facilitate work from home and online collaboration between different employees of the company.

With File Request Pro you can automate many of your processes and have complete control over the type of online form you handle, and create unlimited forms, with our data visualization options you can use your form data with powerful analytics tools, you can use conditional logic to control the form fields that your users can see in their landing pages, but let’s not get ahead of time and you can continue reading this article to learn more about all the features of this online form creator.

Free Online Form Builder: Build Online Forms As Cheaply As Possible.

First of all, we must clarify that File Request Pro is not a free online form builder, you can get a free plan to get to know the app and if it fits the current needs of your business.

But this online form builder is a more advanced tools with a lot of features that we mentioned above because it combines an online form builder, an automation tool, a landing page builder, and a file upload software which helps you create an automated system with web forms embed to your website and advanced forms with automatic follow-ups email that also can be synchronized with the profiles of your users in your CRM.

If you want to know more about how to get the best online forms builder please click here to see our free plan and our online payments method.

But we understand that at this time, this investment may not be your priority but that’s not why you have to miss out on the advantages of data collection when there already exist other online form builders that allow you for free to create forms even if it is limited.

Here of a List of Free Online Form Builders.

Google Forms.

Is a great free-form builder. If you have a Google account or paid Workspace account you have access to one of the best free-form builder. There are limitations in terms of requesting files, but generally, it is easy to use to collect all kinds of feedback, including party invites, RSVPs, and event feedback.

entire form for google form, online forms
Online form from Goole Form

Jot Forms

Is a great cloud base free form builder in which users are given the ability to post great-looking forms and collect form submissions in your could? Users can use it to manage job applications, gather order payments, run customer surveys, and register visitors for events in addition to generating leads.

Online form, simple forms from jot forms
Other forms from Jot Forms


Is an online form builder that allows you to create forms and surveys that allows you to get customer feedback and have free plans. The online forms are easy for people to complete by turning questions into a conversational flow with their feature of “conversational forms”.

There is plenty of great free version of online form builders available for individuals and businesses to utilize when looking for a hassle-free experience in most of them you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to access more advanced tools than just create great-looking forms.

Online form, contact forms, conversational forms
Typeform´s form creator

Why Invest In an Online Form Builder?

We have already talked about the benefits of using online form builders to improve our business, and we have even recommended one or two free versions, but now we would like to highlight the most advanced features that separate our professional forms from all other online form builders so that you can see that it is worth investing your money in obtaining a more complete software to build forms.

Here are some of the outstanding features that allow us to create unlimited forms and more complex workflows.

Create a Password-Protected Portal For Your Clients with Our Online Form Builder.

File Request Pro is designed so you can easily and securely collect data and organize files and content from clients, using your existing cloud drive.

Use branded upload pages with drag-and-drop functionality to gather and organize content directly on your cloud storage like Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, GoogleDrive, and Google Docs. You can use Zapier to connect to thousands of other apps. You can also download files from your dashboard.

If you are looking for software that provides you with a password-protected portal where clients can download files as well as upload them, research client management portals.

Client management portals provide you with one feature-rich platform where you can manage and analyze client information and interactions. This portal usually replaces your cloud drives. Security is excellent, although this can be at the expense of client ease of use.

Examples of client management portals include;

SmartVault is a document management program that makes it possible for companies from a variety of industries to share and store papers in a single location. To develop brand identity with customers, businesses might create a unique gateway with bespoke logos but on the other hand, there are no contact forms included in the platform so you can’t use them as application forms.

other forms, form fields, form quickly, form's desig, online form
SmartVault Portal

Moxtra is a platform for collaboration and communication that is mostly focused on mobile (SDKs/APIs). Teams are given access to an app that offers a channel for real-time communication about network content. Teams may thus collaborate while on the go using a user experience that is simple to use and intuitive.

other forms, form fields, form quickly, form's desig, online form
Moxtra website.

Send Large Files Using an Online form Builder.

File Request Pro is not only useful to create great-looking forms, but it also makes it easy for you to request and organize large files. As such, it is aimed at companies that need to collect electronic documents (which are most companies these days!).

You can create an easy-to-use upload gateway so that customers and team members may upload files and can easily respond to inquiries as form submission. The large files will be directly sent to your folder, and they will be organized into cloud storage.

If you need to send large files as a one-off, and the recipient doesn’t have software to help you, then your best choice is file transfer services like WeTransfer. You can use WeTransfer without an account to send transfers up to 2 GB to up to 3 email recipients, so long as you’ve verified your transfer with a code each time.

form responses, powerful forms, order forms, free version WeTransfer website, drag and drop builder
WeTransfer website

Another possibility is JumpShare, which was created to assist businesses in managing video recording, screen capture, and editing tasks through a single site.

Jumpshare enables teams to share films using links, receive notifications when a video is viewed, and organize videos using folders.

powerful forms, order forms, simple forms, form types, drag and drop builder
JumpShare system

Why Use File Request Pro To Collect Data?

  • To collect files, data, and text content from clients, without them needing to log in or download any software.
  • To create a professional, branded, and secure file collection process that your clients find easy to use and trustworthy.
  • To automate low-value tasks like file organization and reminder emails, and save you a lot of time and hassle.


online form, form submissions, online form creator
File Request Pro Cloud Storage

File Request Pro is used by companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. There’s a free 14-day trial. Pricing plans start from $49 a month, which also includes 50 GB of extra storage.

Conclusion: is an Online Form Builder Software The Investment I Need to Make for My Business?

There are many good reasons why it is important to use online form builders. With the help of these tools, it becomes much simpler to manage data collection from multiple sources.

A free online form builder can be an economical two-way solution that allows users to quickly and easily create forms and process collected data for insights.

Also, if businesses need added security or looking for methods to send large files securely, an online form builder such as File Request Pro can provide access through a secure platform with password-protected portals and encrypted file sharing. Therefore, investing in an appropriate tool may be advantageous depending on the situation at hand.

We hope that this article has been helpful and informative in guiding your decision on how to get one of the best form builders and one that will be the most cost-effective while still meeting all of your needs.


Simple and Flexible Data Collection Software (For Electronic Files)

File Request Pro is lightweight data collection software that you can use to collect videos, images, GPS coordinates, and spreadsheets. It is particularly useful for securely collecting and organising client data, without them needing to log in or use a specific device.

File Request Pro natively integrates with popular cloud drive platforms, so you can automate file collection and reduce errors caused by manual file wrangling.

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Upload files to OneDrive and SharePoint Using Forms

Microsoft doesn’t currently support a native form builder for OneDrive or SharePoint that lets you easily collect files and information.  Microsoft forms is a versatile form builder that can connect to OneDrive and SharePoint. However, it doesn’t permit external users to upload files.

So what are your options to build a customer-facing form for OneDrive and SharePoint?

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