How To Create a Real Estate Buyer Questionnaire

Buying a home can be a complicated and stressful process. If you’re a qualified real estate agent this should come as no surprise. As a real estate agent, your main goal is to help clients find the best homes for their needs, their “Dream home”, which is why you need to get to know your client in depth to be able to meet each of their needs and help them find that house that they have dreamed of for so long and that is within their budget.

But in a market as competitive and with as much movement as the real estate business, you don’t have time to have a coffee with each of your clients and dedicate a special time to each one. In real estate, if you sleep you lose, and another agent will take your client.

Because of this, some real estate agents have turned to offering a “buyer intake form” which allows them to have an idea of what the client is looking for and what type of property they are interested in. In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of creating a buyer questionnaire and what you can do with it afterward.

What Is a Real Estate Buyer Intake Form?

A real estate buyer intake form is a questionnaire that serves as an essential tool that you should use to get to know your buyers. The questionnaires go a step further than just standard information. They help you gauge how much interest your buyer has in their dream home. It also enables you to prepare for the buyer consultation interview and eliminate many of the hassles associated with it.

Why Is Important a Real Estate Buyer Questionnaire?

Prior to your consultation, your client can express exactly what they want in a property. The good thing about having the questionnaire in advance is also that the client does not need to feel overwhelmed or compromised but can take their time to meditate on exactly what they want from their dream home.

Is the client looking to live in a specific zone? Maybe in a good school district or in the heart of the city? Do they prefer a house or an apartment and do they have in mind any additional luxury such as a swimming pool, or a common area, in the case of an apartment complex?

The buyer’s questionnaire should be a tool to facilitate both the process of finding the right property for your client and an effective way to create the first connection with them.

What questions a realtor should ask a buyer?

Understanding their needs and obtaining their contact information are the objectives. With this knowledge, you may locate their ideal residence and begin scheduling visits. Begin by getting their name, phone number, desired neighborhood, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they require.

Free Real Estate Questionnaire Template (Questions To Ask a Buyer).

- Client Name:

- Location:

- Location of interest.

- When do you want to start looking? 

- Have you contacted other brokers or salespeople?

- How many people make up your family?

- Do you currently own or rent? 

- How much is your rent or mortgage?

- Do you have to fulfill a lease or sell your property before buying?

- Have you come across any houses or rental units that you truly liked? 

- What is your timeline to move to your new home? 

- List three key elements of your dream home: 

- If we can locate the ideal house, are you ready to decide right away?

- What range of prices have you been thinking about? 

- How much have you been informed by a lender you are eligible for? 

- What is your down payment?

- Do you have a monthly spending plan? 

- Who did the lender use to pre-qualify you? 

- The number of bedrooms are you interested in? ________ Sq. Ft.? _________ Units? 

- Would you like a specific type of style? 

- Will anyone else be part of the decision-making? 

- Where do you work? 

- Which websites do you like to visit to view properties?

You can use this real estate questionnaire template as a base for your real estate buyer consultation questionnaire and thus speed up the consulting process.

Now that you have covered all your bases, determine when in the process is the best time to send your client the questionnaire to ensure that they will fill it. It’s also important to make sure you’re asking the right number of questions so that you won’t lose their interest by asking too many.

When To Use a Buyer Questionnaire.

You might feel a little anxious as a new real estate agent discussing the purchasing process with a client so a great idea to get to know your client before the consultation is with a small Pre-Meeting Questionnaire, this can also serve as a lead generator in your webpage.

The buyer consultation is the ideal time to go over the buyer questionnaire, this can be an online consultation or in person; it all depends on your client’s availability.

Pre-Meeting Questionnaire.

Before the meeting, provide the client with a pre-meeting questionnaire. This is usually a small list of questions that help you prepare for the initial approach and enables you to address their needs. This questionnaire usually works best when implemented online.

Next, you can go over the interview questions in detail with the buyer during your online meeting. Another positive aspect of the pre-meeting Questionnaire is that they often are a real way to measure the interest of the buyer.

Interactive Questionnaire.

We want to make sure that the process is smooth and fast, so we need to use the best technology in hand to make the form interactive and easy to use for our clients and can be accessed from anywhere. A form that also helps us collect documents is a big plus.

How File Request Pro Can Help You Build the Perfect Buyer Questionnaire.

File Request Pro functions as a file upload program, an automation tool, and a form builder. It is simple to set up and use even though it contains a lot of granular features.

We will concentrate on the form builder function to help to create, for example, an open house survey for realtors.

Without writing a single line of code, File Request Pro’s Form Builder tool enables you to quickly and effortlessly construct an attractive web form! This form can exist inside your current website and act as a first point of contact for potential customers looking to buy a home.

The Form Builder tool also allows you to request documents from your customers. You can use a variety of uploading methods with File Request Pro, and the data you gather will be directly uploaded to your cloud storage into a folder structure of your choice in your cloud drive (shared or individual). This will help you to spend less time organizing and looking for files and also avoid making mistakes when manually relocating client files.

Some of the cloud storage services that integrate with File Request Pro are:

  • Google Drive.
  • SharePoint
  • Dropbox.
  • OneDrive.

File Request Pro also helps you ensure that your clients fill the Pre-meeting questionnaire by using our Smart reminder emails, so you don’t have to exhaust yourself with non-committed buyers.

How Can I Drive More Real Estate Business using a buyer’s questionnaire?

Another way to improve the relationship with your future buyers is by managing CRM software with all relevant information from your clients. This will help to understand the state and quality of the relationship with your different customers.

A good CRM should have the ability to let you see the entire sales process and every single customer interaction so if you pair it with the contact form on your website you can get more clients and make sure that each one of them has an automatic response and is entered into your CRM.

By integrating your questionnaire into your website, you can make it simple for potential customers to contact you. Show it off on your homepage or another page that receives the greatest traffic instead of keeping it hidden. File Request Pro Is designed to be customizable and adaptable, so they display flawlessly on all platforms, websites, and devices.

Make Acquisition of New Potential Customer A Success.

As a realtor, you probably handle a ton of leads and clients at once. Despite this, a client shouldn’t feel like a name on a list, and you can prevent this by making small, but powerful gestures here and there.

Sending a client a message after the original meeting (This can be set up quickly with our automatic follow-up message), and after they have bought their new house. The relationships at the end of the sale are just as important, it is the best way to ensure that they will recommend your services or that they will take you into account the next time they have to buy or rent a property.

Don’t ever doubt to make them a part of your network by sending them a newsletter with pertinent information about plumbers, interior designers, landscapers, and countless other professionals who can assist them with the management of their homes.

Even after the sale has been completed, your buyers might still require your assistance. Don’t be reluctant to provide so!

Conclusion: Think Closely About the Questions to Ask Prospective Home Buyers.

A buyer’s questionnaire is a powerful tool that can help you close more real estate deals. By carefully considering the questions you ask, you can gain valuable insights into your buyers’ needs and wants.

Additionally, using a pre-meeting or interactive questionnaire can help make your acquisition of new customers a success.

For more tips on how to build the perfect buyer questionnaire, be sure to check out our blog post. And if you’re looking for an easy way to create and manage your questionnaires, be sure to try File Request Pro today!