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The business alternative to Dropbox file requests

Receive files from clients with a fully brandable, secure and dedicated file request solution.

Let people you work with upload the files you need in a quick, simple, and secure way.

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A file request solution tailor to professional users

Dropbox File requestas are great. But, if you need to gather a list of client documents, there are several unprofessional pain points in using Dropbox File Requests for your business.

  • ❌  Dropbox File Requests are branded by Dropbox and can't be whitelabeled
  • ❌  Uploader email addresses can't be collected along with files
  • ❌  You can't personalize your upload experience adding your custom Text, Thanks message, Etc

File Request Pro cover all the needs when it comes to document collection for professional users. Give your customers the ultimate experience, impress your customers and get repeat business.

  • ✅  Fully brandable. When you share your file request page, your customers see your logo and branding and not Dropbox
  • ✅  Collect uploaders email and additional information while requesting files.  With unlimited form fields
  • ✅  Embed Dropbox file request in your website. Just copy two lines of code and get an upload widget connected to Dropbox

How does it works?

Easily create your File Request. No coding required

Super simple, 5 min set up, fill in some information, upload your logo and you are ready to collect files.

Your customer drops the files in the web browser

Share it with customers and colleges. Anyone can send you a file, no need to have a Dropbox account.

Files show up in Dropbox

Files transfer to your Dropbox, labelled with your customer name and you get an email about the new files.

Dropbox File Requests for the Pros

File Request Pro makes it easy to build Dropbox file request links so you can receive files and documents from your clients. Right in your Dropbox folder.

Works with Dropbox

Receive your files directly in your Dropbox™ account. Anyone can send you a file, whether they have a Dropbox account or not

Dropbox widget for your website

Add a Dropbox upload widget for your website. Easily embed your file request page in your website. Just 2 lines of code.

Unlimited Form Fields

Collect all the information you need with your file requests. Email, phone, comments, etc. and export your submission to Excel.

Keep everyone updated

Get an email each time you receive a new file. You can also copy your entire team for easy collaboration.

Bank-Level Encryption

More secure than sending an email. Files are transferred from your page to your cloud storage using a secure connection.

Add a password, if need it

Do you need your file request page to be protected with a password? No problem, just add an access code and share with your page address.

Give your customers the ultimate experience. File Request Pro has been created for the sole purpose of helping professional businesses collect documents from their customers.

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