A Comprehensive Guide on How To Collect Video Submissions

Collect video applications, testimonials,  video messages from family and friends, and presentations for your event or church.

Accepting video submissions is easy—as long as you pick the right way to collect videos and as long as you plan out your process before you begin. Whether you are running an online contest, collecting videos for you an event or summit, or just some family video collecting large video files can be trickier.

Without a good system in place, your files will end up scattered across a variety of places, programs, and formats — some more secure than others. And good luck explaining to senders exactly how they should get their files to you. If they’re not used to handling big files (or aren’t computer lovers, in general), you’re in for an adventure.

So, here’s a little more about your options for accepting large media files.

Collecting videos and audio files over email

Email is always the simplest way to do it. Everyone understands and knows how to use it, which is great for people sending you files except for the fact that you will probably run into a file size limit error message. Most email providers limit uploads to 15 MB which is not enough for video or large media files.

Finally, whenever email is used, there can be potential security compromises. And not to mention files will be lost in the never-ending email trail and some will never even arrive because of attachment size restrictions. For these reasons, it’s best to forget using email to transfer big files like recordings.

Receive videos using Cloud Storage Software

Another alternative to receive collect videos submissions is using the file sharing feature in Google Drive/Dropbox/Sharepoint and others cloud storage services. The problem with using cloud-storage programs to collect large media files is that senders have to use their accounts. 

If your target customers are not very tech-savvy, then asking to create an account, upload a file and then use the file sharing feature can be really overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that if you are a professional business, then you are not transmitting that images to your customers and partners.

Free Versions of File-Sharing Programs

Another alternative is requesting your senders to use the free version of programs like WeTransfer, Jumpshare or DropSend, where senders can simply type in the recipient’s email address, attach the large file, and press “send.” You get an email link that triggers the download. 

This option can make things simpler than using a cloud storage solution, at least the sender does not need to create an account. But it also means that you must download each video you receive, then upload it to your storage system and organize it manually. That can be a chore if you’re collecting lots of files. Furthermore, this emails links are usually valid for 24hs or 48hs hours so unless you act and download files right away you risk to lost it.

Plus, asking your customers or colleagues  to use a random free app to send you files can come across as a bit unprofessional, especially if you’re collecting the files for business. 

Using file upload pages to collect videos

What most file sharers really need is something in between the free apps and the more complicated business software. They need a solution that prioritizes the recipient’s experience as well as the sender’s. 

That’s why creating your upload page work so well. With File Request Pro, you can create a custom, 100% white-label upload page and embed it on your website. Sending a request for large media files is as easy as sending a link to your page.

Collect video submissions and Testimonials

Because the upload page is part of your website and can be branded appropriately, file senders will feel confident that they’ve come to the right place. There’s no need for them create an account. All they need to do is drag their video file to the upload box, and they’re done. Making one of the best ways to collect video testimonials and messages.

With File Request Pro, you can automatically sync all your collected videos to your Google Drive, SharePoint or Dropbox account and automatically organize them in subfolders. You can even add custom fields to your page to collect additional information as long as videos, for example email address, names, etc.

Are you ready to try File Request Pro yet? You can try the service for 14 days with no credit card required. Head over to our site and get started!