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Property Inspection Report

Property Inspection Report Template

Create a professional property inspection report with File Request Pro to ensure your rental property is up to code. Easily customize fields specific to your property and sync with popular storage solutions while benefiting from unlimited entries and email automation.

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Professional Property Inspection Report

A property inspection report is an important document used by landlords, tenants and property managers to provide information about the condition of a rental property. It outlines the issues that could affect the safety or health of residents, as well as other problems that need attention. This kind of report is also often required by banks or lending institutions when financing a property purchase.

Creating a professional and detailed property inspection report is essential to ensuring your rental property is up to code and safe for all occupants. To do this, you'll need to follow all local laws, paying special attention to any relevant laws regarding tenant rights and landlord responsibilities. Once you've made sure you're aware of any applicable regulations, you can create your report with an easy-to-use template.

File Request Pro is the perfect tool for generating property inspection reports. Our software will allow you to customize your property inspection report with fields that are specific to your rental property. Plus, our software offers white-labeling, so you can include your own logo, name and contact details on the report. With File Request Pro, you can also sync with Google Drive, SharePoint and Dropbox, as well as benefit from unlimited entries and email automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of this form?
    The Property Inspection Report is a form used by landlords, estate agents, housing associations and tenants that provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of the property prior to the start of the tenancy.
  • When should I use this form?
    This form should be used at the start of a tenancy to document the condition of the property and its contents so that any disputes related to the condition of the property and its contents can be easily resolved.
  • What information does this form contain?
    The Property Inspection Report contains key information such as an overall description of the condition of the property, an itemised list of its contents, interior and exterior images and a signature from both the tenant and landlord for each inspection carried out.

Property Inspection Report Template Demo

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