How to upload files using Google Forms

Google Forms is a great product. It’s free, easy to use and popular. However, accepting attachments or file uploads requires you to use specific settings. If you want to collect files from anyone or allow file uploads without login to google – you’ll need to use file upload software instead that integrates with Google Drive instead.

Here are the 6 steps you need to take to successfully upload files and attachments using Google Forms.

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How to receive large files from customers (by email, sharing and uploading)

It’s increasingly common for you to receive large files from customers in electronic format. You might need to collect video, audio, presentations, photos and folders. However, collecting and organising large files is still not straightforward.

It’s easy to get tangled in a complex web of failed emails, frustrated customers and disorganised files.

We’ll look at your options below for receiving large files.

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Google Drive Uploader – Building a Drag and Drop Uploader form for Google Drive

Google Drive doesn’t natively support upload forms that can be used by anyone. If you try and add an upload question to a Google Form you will get this message: “Respondents will be required to sign in to Google when file upload questions are added to a form”.

If collecting documents from anyone is important to you, then you’ll need to use third-party software that integrates with Google Drive.

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Allow Anyone to Upload Files Directly to Your Google Drive

Google Drive is a fantastic, popular tool that lets you collaborate with other Google users using shared folders. However, your clients need a Google account to upload to your Google Drive or to send you a file using Google Forms.

This is why we built File Request Pro. You can continue to use Google Drive for safely storing files and File Request Pro to professionally collect and automate file collection from anyone without them needing an account or to log in to specific software.

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Receive and Upload Files to Squarespace Website.

If you’re looking to use Squarespace as a platform for building your website, then you may have realized that you will need to integrate the upload features with your website.

Having a website boosts an organization’s reputation and gives clients more faith in the goods and services it provides. A website aids in boosting a company’s market worth, productivity, and sales.

But as important as a website maybe you cannot expect customers to simply see your product and your information on the web and call you. You have to use your website to the maximum to be able to get information from your customers at whatever stage they are in your sales funnel.

It may be that you have a client for whom you only need their contact information or that you have one other client that must upload files to the Squarespace website so that you can complete your service offered working with that file or personal information.

Squarespace offers a wide variety of features to help you develop your site. However, if you want more customization and design control, then you might need to look into an alternative method. A third-party service can offer a wider range of customization options for your Squarespace forms or designs by providing upload file forms to integrate with HTML templates or CSS layouts.

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