Google Drive Uploader – Building a Drag and Drop form for Google Drive

Would you like to anonymously receive files in Google Drive? Provide your customers and colleagues with a simple-to-use drag and drop file upload page? With the need to use users IDs, google accounts, or complex requirements?

In this post, I’m sharing a method to build a branded file uploader that’s fully sync with your Google Drive account. All this without coding or complex scripts.

Creating a Drive Uploader Form for Google Drive

The upload page we are building does not require your users to have a Google Account, like google forms does. And it’s fully branded both with your logo and brand colours.

Before diving into the implementation, let’s take a look at a sample form.

Creating a new upload form with File Request Pro is a 5-min process, you do it once and you can use it for as long as you need.

To get started, you need to register and connect to your existing Drive account. Afterward, you can access your admin area to create your drag and drop form page.

Alternative to gofiledrop

You can invite anyone to use your file drop page by sharing its URL – Check out this example.

One key feature, is the possibility to add as many form fields as you like with a simple-to-use form builder. Just choose the field type and name. Fields are displayed as shown the in the next image

gofiledrop - form fields

Unlike others alternatives you may find to create an uploader, you can customize the upload page to look exactly like you want it. Add colours, text and more.

Brandable driveuploader

You can also embed your Google file drop page directly in your website. This simple process consist is copying and pasting 3 lines of code.

Anytime someone drops a file in your upload form widget, an email is sent to you as notification of the delivery.

What’s different about File Request Pro

You’ve probably came across some others alternative that let you build a drag and drop for Google Drive. Let’s dive into what’s that make this solution of the best alternatives

One key difference, is all the possibilities that you have to customize and make your page or form match your business brand and identity.

Some unique features are

  • Your Brand in URL. You can choose your URL, have an easy to remember URL to point your customers too.
  • White Label. Upload your logo. Your customers never know you are using a third-party software
  • Edit text, Colors, and Layouts. Everything you see in your upload page is 100% customizable. Change the message your users see, your logo, background color and more. Make your page match your brand identity. Offer your customers an undifferentiated experience.
  • Secure your page. Add a secure word or password to your page so it’s private. Only the people with the password can upload your files into your drive uploader page.
  • Form Builder. Collect additional information with a simple-to-use form builder.

Choose your folder and automatically organize Files

When using other solutions,  all your uploaded files go straight to one Google Drive folder. But if you receive many files, managing them became impossible.

With File Request Pro, you can create a new folder with your customer name on it. Easily identify which files belong to which customer. Save hours a day organizing your files.

Create unlimited upload pages 

Create as many upload pages and forms as you need. Do you have more than one website? Work on different projects or maybe you have few landing pages? Create as many pages as you need. Each page is linked to a different folder.

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