Flexible Upload-Page Layouts (Including Multi-Page Forms)

File Request Pro supports flexible form layouts, so you can design the most appropriate branded upload page for your clients.

  • Use our classic one-page form so your clients see all questions at once.
  • Use subheadings to group content together and make it easy for your clients to scan.
  • Create a multi-page form so clients see a manageable number of questions at once.

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How to Dynamically Organise Your Files (in your Cloud Drive)

You can automate file collection with File Request Pro in a few minutes. Files and content from your clients go directly to the correct root folder on your cloud drive, organized into subfolders by whatever form field you choose.

File Request Pro integrates natively with GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, and Dropbox. To integrate with other cloud drives you can use Zapier.

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